[Marie Belloc Lowndes, novelist, sister of Hilaire Belloc.] Autograph Letter in the third person, declining a dinner invitation on account of ill health.

Marie Belloc Lowndes [Marie Adelaide Elizabeth Rayner Lowndes; Mrs Belloc Lowndes] (1868-1947), novelist, sister of Hilaire Belloc, author of Jack the Ripper novel 'The Lodger', filmed by Hitchcock
Publication details: 
30 May [no year]. On letterhead of 9 Barton Street, Westminster, S.W.

1p, landscape 12mo In good condition, with glue stain to one corner. Folded once. 'Mrs Belloc Lowndes regrets, on the score of ill health, that she cannot have the pleasure of accepting Lord [Treghre?]'s kind invitation.'

3 ALsS, 1 ANS and 1 ACS (all 'Robert Speaight') to Kyrle Fletcher.

Robert Speaight [Robert William Speaight] (1904-1976), actor, author and Roman Catholic apologist [Ifan Kyrle Fletcher (1905-1969), bookseller and author]
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12 September to 16 December 1951; variously from the Garrick Club; Campion House, Benenden, Kent; and 44 Onslow Gardens, London.

The collection is in good condition, with items on lightly aged and creased paper. Letter One (12 September 1951, Onslow Gardens; 12mo, 1 p, in envelope): As Kyrle Fletcher 'may have seen', Speaight is engaged in a biography of William Poel, and is 'anxious to trace the letters he received from Shaw & which were sold about 1930'. Kyrle Fletcher has docketed the envelope with a precis of his reply. Card (postmarked 14 September 1951): Thanking Kyrle Fletcher for his 'letter & most useful suggestions'.

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