Map headed 'Position of the Fleet at Spithead on the 28th. June 1902.'

Sir William James Lloyd Wharton (1843-1905), hydrographer [Naval Review by King Edward VII at Spithead, 28 June 1902; Royal Navy; Fleet Review]
Publication details: 
London. Published at the Admiralty, 13th. June 1902, under the Superintendence of Rear Admiral Sir W. J. L. Wharton, K.C.B.: F.R.S.: Hydrographer. Sold by J.D. Potter. Agent for the sale of Admiralty Charts, 145 Minories.

In light blue, light brown and black on one side of a piece of wove paper roughly 38 x 56 cm. Good: lightly creased and with a little wear at foot. Folded three times. 'Corrections 14th. June' in bottom left-hand corner, and 'Malby & Sons, Lith.' in bottom right-hand corner. Faintly stamped on border at foot 'CHARPENTIER | PORTSMOUTH'. COPAC lists one copy (National Library of Scotland).

Fragment of Autograph Letter Signed ('F Beaufort') to his son Sir Francis Lestock Beaufort.

Sir Francis Beaufort (1774-1857), naval officer and hydrographer [Francis Lestock Beaufort (1815-1879)]
Publication details: 
Date and place not stated.

Strip of paper, 3 x 10.5 cm, removed from letter for inclusion in an autograph collection. Good, on lightly-aged light-blue paper. Laid down on strip of cream paper. Reads '<...> believe me dear Lestock | as ever, Yours faithfully | F Beaufort'. Neatly docketed in a contemporary hand in the bottom left-hand corner 'Sir F. Beaufort'. Text on reverse reads '<...> to poor Sneyd I can <...> advice to him, short of <...> filling the plan he had <...> and getting him (at <...>'.

2 Autograph Letters Signed by Close (both 'C. F. Close') to Dawkins; and one Typed Letter Signed ('H. R. Douglas') from Douglas to Close.

Sir Charles Close [Sir Charles Frederick Arden-Close] (1865-1952), surveyor and geographer; Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Percy Douglas (1876-1939) [Sir Wiliam Boyd Dawkins (1837-1929), geologist]
Publication details: 
Close's letters: 17 and 24 April 1926, both on letterhead of Coytbury, St. Giles's Hill, Winchester; Douglas's letter: 23 April 1926, on letterhead of the Hydrographic Department, Admiralty, Whitehall, London, S.W.1.

All three letters good, on lightly aged paper. Close's first letter (12mo, 2 pp): He is pleased to hear 'that Professor O. T. Jones is convalescent and back at work'. Close will write to him to ask if he will take part in the 'Commission' on the 'Terrasses littorales'. Having none 'handy', he is writing to the Admiralty Hydrographer for a 'list of Admiralty Charts'. The Closes have 'settled to take a house in Jersey for the children's holidays', so there is 'little chance of our being at Oxford for the British Association meeting'.

Autograph Letter with illegible signature, to 'Frederick'

Publication details: 
25 September 1903; on letterhead, 'Hydrographic Department, Admiralty, London, S.W.', with oval Admiralty blind stamp of anchor at head.

1 page, 16mo. Creased and discoloured, with holes and loss caused by pin, and with strip at foot loose and neatly reattached with archival tape. Stamped in blue 'HYDROGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT | 28 SEP. 1903'. Reads 'Dear Frederick | I see by the paper on Labuan sent over here that you have had a chart showing where Tanjong Batu &c is situated - Can you let me have this | Yours sincerely | '. Docketed in red at foot 'Chart Herewith Decr. 26/9'. Docketed on rerverse in blue pencil.

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