[Sir George Henry Richards, Hydrographer to the British Admiralty, responsible for many Canadian place names.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Geo Henry Richards') to '[Setcham?]'.

Admiral Sir George Henry Richards (1820-1896), Hydrographer to the British Admiralty from 1864 to 1874, responsible for many Canadian place names
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On letterhead of The Cottage, Fetcham, Leatherhead. 21 February 1895.

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium on grey paper. In good condition, lightly aged. A letter of seventeen lines, written 'In haste'. Written in a difficult hand. He begins by thanking him for his 'Satisfactory note', written in answer to a point by '[Shuter?]' which Richards was 'not able to answer then'. The postscript refers to the 'sad loss […] I never knew a better man & friend'. As a hydrographer on the coast of British Columbia from 1857 to 1862, Richards was responsible for the selection and designation of dozens of place names (e.g.

Autograph Letter Signed ('W Spottiswoode') from the scientist and Queen's Printer William Spottiswoode to Captain Washington [John Washington, Hydrographer to the Navy], regarding the difficulty of 'finding a Japanese scholar' and Washington's son.

William Spottiswoode (1825-1883), mathematician, physicist, President of the Royal Society, and the Queen's Printer [Rear-Admiral John Washington (1800-1863), Hydrographer to the Navy]
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H. M. Printing Office. 21 March 1860.

2pp., 12mo. On bifolium. Fair, on aged paper. The letter begins: 'Maitland, Secretary of the Civil Service Commission, tells me that Mr Robertson was examined only in European subjects; or, to use his own expression, "as to his capacity for learning Japanese".' Maitland cannot help them 'in finding a Japanese scholar'. As Spottiswoode is 'always so glad to find any one interested in oriental subjects', he asks for 'an opportunity of becoming acquainted' with Washington's son.

Map headed 'Position of the Fleet at Spithead on the 28th. June 1902.'

Sir William James Lloyd Wharton (1843-1905), hydrographer [Naval Review by King Edward VII at Spithead, 28 June 1902; Royal Navy; Fleet Review]
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London. Published at the Admiralty, 13th. June 1902, under the Superintendence of Rear Admiral Sir W. J. L. Wharton, K.C.B.: F.R.S.: Hydrographer. Sold by J.D. Potter. Agent for the sale of Admiralty Charts, 145 Minories.

In light blue, light brown and black on one side of a piece of wove paper roughly 38 x 56 cm. Good: lightly creased and with a little wear at foot. Folded three times. 'Corrections 14th. June' in bottom left-hand corner, and 'Malby & Sons, Lith.' in bottom right-hand corner. Faintly stamped on border at foot 'CHARPENTIER | PORTSMOUTH'. COPAC lists one copy (National Library of Scotland).

Fragment of Autograph Letter Signed ('F Beaufort') to his son Sir Francis Lestock Beaufort.

Sir Francis Beaufort (1774-1857), naval officer and hydrographer [Francis Lestock Beaufort (1815-1879)]
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Date and place not stated.

Strip of paper, 3 x 10.5 cm, removed from letter for inclusion in an autograph collection. Good, on lightly-aged light-blue paper. Laid down on strip of cream paper. Reads '<...> believe me dear Lestock | as ever, Yours faithfully | F Beaufort'. Neatly docketed in a contemporary hand in the bottom left-hand corner 'Sir F. Beaufort'. Text on reverse reads '<...> to poor Sneyd I can <...> advice to him, short of <...> filling the plan he had <...> and getting him (at <...>'.

Thirty-four Autograph Letters Signed to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Vice-Admiral Sir (Henry) Percy Douglas
Publication details: 
1935-8; on letterheads including 18 Dealtry Road, Putney, and 34 Waterloo Mansions, Dover.

British sailor (1876-1939), hydrographer of the Royal Navy (1924-32), inventor of the Douglas Protractor and the Douglas-Appleyard Arcless Sextant. Various formats from 12mo to octavo. Very good, some docketed and/or bearing the Society's stamp. Relating to the business of the Society, and in particular to a lecture by Douglas involving film of the Manchester Ship Canal.

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