[ Vice-Admiral Sir Roger Curtis, British naval hero. ] Autograph Signature ('Roger Curtis') cut from letter.

Vice-Admiral Sir Roger Curtis (1746-1816), officer of the Royal Navy, during the American Revolutionary War and the French Revolutionary Wars, who distinguished himself at the Great Siege of Gibraltar
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No date or place.

On a 1.75 x 4.25 cm rectangle of laid paper cut from letter. In fair condition, lightly aged, with paper from mount on reverse. A neat, firm signature, reading 'Roger Curtis'.

[ Vice-Admiral Philip Howard Colomb, inventor. ] Autograph Note Signed ('P H Colomb'), regarding the adoption by the Admiralty of his system of 'signals for the service of the Fleet'.

Vice-Admiral Philip Howard Colomb (1831-1899), Royal Navy officer and inventor
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18 Edith Villas | Fulham S.W. [ London ]. 12 February [ 1867? ].

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper. The identity of the recipient is unknown. Reads: 'My dear Sir | You will be glad I am sure to learn that the Admiralty have finally adopted my signals for the service of the Fleet. | Yrs. try | P H Colomb'. A note in pencil on the reverse of the second leaf states that Colomb 'Devised night System known as "Colomb's Flashing Signals"'. Colomb's contributions to naval warfare and signalling were considerable. His evolutionary signal-book forms the basis of the current system of tactical evolutions at sea.

[ Vice-Admiral Robert Hall, Third Lord and Controller of the Navy. ] Letter in a secretarial hand, signed 'Robert Hall', to William Griffith of Derby

Vice-Admiral Robert Hall (1817-1882), Royal Navy, Third Lord and Controller of the Navy [ The Admiralty, Whitehall ]
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Admiralty [ Whitehall, London ]. 27 March 1874.

1p., folio. In good condition, with light signs of age. Addressed to 'Wm. Griffith Esqre. | Becket Street Chapel | Derby.' Informing Griffith that he has 'laid before My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty the petition from the United Methodist Free Church, Derby, requesting the alteration of the 93rd. Clause of the Marine Mutiny Act'.

Autograph Letter Signed from Lieut. George Thorp to his brother Robert, written while serving on board HMS Aigle off Smyrna, describing two visits by 'Captain Pacha' [presumably Cenaze Hasan Pasha, sometime Grand Vizier]

Lieutenant George Thorp (1777-1797) of HMS Aigle or L'Aigle, son of Robert Thorp, Archdeacon of Northumberland [Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasha (1713-1790) of Algiers, Grand Admiral of the Ottoman Empire]
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'L'Aigle Smyrna Sept 5th [1795]'.

3pp., 4to. 59 lines of text. Bifolium. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed on reverse of second leaf, with two postmarks and a manuscript note by forwarding agents the Frères Smitmer of Vienna, to 'Robert Thorp Esqr | Alnwick | Northumberland | England'. Addressing his letter to 'My Dear Brother', Thorp begins by congratulating him on his wedding: 'Sailors are bad hands at Complements [sic] but I cannot avoid expressing the satisfaction I had in hearing who my new Sister was'.

2 Autograph Letters Signed by Close (both 'C. F. Close') to Dawkins; and one Typed Letter Signed ('H. R. Douglas') from Douglas to Close.

Sir Charles Close [Sir Charles Frederick Arden-Close] (1865-1952), surveyor and geographer; Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Percy Douglas (1876-1939) [Sir Wiliam Boyd Dawkins (1837-1929), geologist]
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Close's letters: 17 and 24 April 1926, both on letterhead of Coytbury, St. Giles's Hill, Winchester; Douglas's letter: 23 April 1926, on letterhead of the Hydrographic Department, Admiralty, Whitehall, London, S.W.1.

All three letters good, on lightly aged paper. Close's first letter (12mo, 2 pp): He is pleased to hear 'that Professor O. T. Jones is convalescent and back at work'. Close will write to him to ask if he will take part in the 'Commission' on the 'Terrasses littorales'. Having none 'handy', he is writing to the Admiralty Hydrographer for a 'list of Admiralty Charts'. The Closes have 'settled to take a house in Jersey for the children's holidays', so there is 'little chance of our being at Oxford for the British Association meeting'.

Thirty-four Autograph Letters Signed to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Vice-Admiral Sir (Henry) Percy Douglas
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1935-8; on letterheads including 18 Dealtry Road, Putney, and 34 Waterloo Mansions, Dover.

British sailor (1876-1939), hydrographer of the Royal Navy (1924-32), inventor of the Douglas Protractor and the Douglas-Appleyard Arcless Sextant. Various formats from 12mo to octavo. Very good, some docketed and/or bearing the Society's stamp. Relating to the business of the Society, and in particular to a lecture by Douglas involving film of the Manchester Ship Canal.

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