[ Arthur Joseph Munby ] Autograph Poems and Postcards to his wife Hannah Cullwick, 1882-1900

Arthur Joseph Munby, diarist, poet and barrister, obsessed with women in service.
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The relationship between Arthur Joseph Munby (1828-1910) and his wife Hannah Cullwick (1833-1909) - well described as 'one of the strangest love stories of the nineteenth century' - continues to arouse great interest. The news that - unbeknown to his own family - a well-connected Cambridge-educated barrister should have been married for almost forty years to a maidservant, was greeted with astonishment on Munby's death, the interest only heightened by the fact that Mrs Munby had refused throughout her marriage to become 'a lady'.

[Leeds Circulating Library.] Printed Leeds Circulating Library label, stating time allowed and forfeit. [With ownership signature of John Smalpage, draper.]

[Leeds Circulating Library, Leeds, Yorkshire; John Smalpage, draper]
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[Leeds Circulating Library, Leeds, Yorkshire.] The label is dated in manuscript 16 September 1808.

The label is printed on one side of a crudely-cut 6 x 8 cm piece of laid paper. In fair condition, aged. The item reads (with manuscript additions in square brackets): 'LEEDS | Circulating Library. | Entered [16 Sept] 180[8] | Allowed for reading the first Year, Weeks [2] Days [-] | - After the first year, Weeks [2] | Forfeiture per Day for keeping it beyond the Time, d. [2]'. At the head in manuscript is the number '1006', crossed out, and '671'.

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