[ Mark H. Lubbock, composer. ] Typed Letter Signed ('Mark Lubbock') urging the actress Mary Ellis to take the lead role in his musical 'Hearts Beloved'. With copy of a typescript of his play.

Mark H. Lubbock (1898-1986), British composer [ Mary Ellis (1897-2003), American actress who settled in Britain ]
Publication details: 
Letter on letterhead of the British Broadcasting Corporation, Broadcasting House, London W1. 19 May 1943. Typescript without place or date.

ONE: TLS. 1p., 4to. In fair condition, on aged paper. The letter begins: 'Dear Mary, | I am writing a musical play called "Hearts Beloved". The central character is MARIA FITZHERBERT and it is the story of her love affair with GEORGE IV, (Prinny). I am very anxious for you to consider playing MARIA FITZHERBERT. The part would suit you very well and I think the present time is just the moment to produce a historical play on an English stage.' He has seen 'Tom Arnold's representative', who would be interested if she agreed. TWO: Typescript. 49pp., folio. No title page.

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