[ Heather Bigg to A. C. Benson, with inscribed book. ] Inscribed copy of his poem 'Nell. A Tale of the Thames', with Autograph Letter Signed ('Heather Bigg') to Benson, thanking him for going through the proofs of the book.

Heather Bigg, F.R.C.S. [ Henry Robert Heather Bigg ] (1853-1911); A. C. Benson (1862-1925), Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge ]
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New Edition. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner, and Co., Ltd. 1901. Inscription dated November 1901.

ONE: Letter. 1 November 1901. On letterhead of 56 Wimpole Street, London. 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition. With blank reverse of second leaf laid down onto a flyleaf of the book. Benson is not named, but is without doubt the recipient.

[Offprint of anonymous article attacking Pusey and the Oxford Movement.] The Thirty-Nine Articles. (Extracted from "The Press and St. James's Chronicle," September 5, 1868.) [Including 'Extract from the Bishop of Worcester's Charge'.]

[The Press and St. James's Chronicle, London; the Oxford Movement; Edward Bouverie Pusey; John David Macbride, Principal of Magdalene Hall, Oxford; Henry Philpott, Bishop of Worcester]
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[London: The Press and St. James's Chronicle, 1868.]

2pp., folio. On single leaf, with the reverse paginated 2. In double column. The article begins: 'No sign of the times appears to us fraught with more emphatic warning than the proposal of Dr. Pusey, that the Universities should abandon subscription to the Thirty-nine Articles, as the practical qualifications for orthodox Church of England Protestant teaching.' A footnote cites a work by Macbride.

[Magdalene Asylum.] Manuscript 'Report by William Lothian writer in Edinburgh, and Clerk to the Magdalene Assylum, [sic] To The Right Honourable Kincaid Mackenzie Lord Provost of the City of Edinburgh, and ex officio President of that Institution.

[William Lothian, Clerk to the Magdalene Asylum, Edinburgh charity for 'fallen women' [Alexander Kincaid Mackenzie (1768-1830), Lord Provost of Edinburgh, 1817-1819; Scotland; Scottish]
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Edinburgh. 28 January 1819.

3pp., 4to. Bifolium. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Docketed on reverse of second leaf 'Memo[i]r for the Lord Provost as to the Magdalene Assylum [sic]'. Lothian begins by explaining that he was informed a year before by 'one of the female Managers of the Assylum' that the Lord Provost 'wished to have from him an Account of the then state of that House'. He would have 'cheerfully furnished' him with one had he not been under the misapprehension that the treasurer Mr Waugh was going to do so.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Stephen Gaselee') from Sir Stephen Gaselee, Pepys Librarian at Magdalene College, Cambridge, cancelling an engagement to play bridge with J. H. Driberg because of a 'Royal Command' to dine with the Belgian Ambassador in Hall

Sir Stephen Gaselee (1882-1943), Pepys Librarian at Magdalene College, Cambridge [Jack Herbert Driberg (1888-1946), Lecturer in Anthropology, Cambridge University, 1934-42]
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On letterhead of 24 Ashburn Place, SW7 [London]. 25 November 1940.

2pp., landscape 12mo. In good condition, with minor water stain. He begs Driberg's pardon for having to 'break my engagement to play Bridge with you on Saturday evening - though it seems very impolite when I accepted so long ago': 'The fact is that the Master of Trinity has announced his intention of bringing the Belgian Ambassador to dine with me in Hall at Magdalene on that evening, and I regard this as so near to a Royal Command that I dare not evade it!' He hopes that '[w]ith this amount of notice' Driberg will be able to find a replacement, and asks for 'another chance later on'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('A C Benson') from the Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, Arthur Hugh Benson [to the journalist Sydney Walton], complaining about the republication of an interview.

A. C. Benson [Arthur Christopher Benson] (1862-1925), English essayist, poet, author and Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge [Sydney Walton (1882-1964), journalist and publicist]
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On letterhead of The Old Lodge, Magdalene College, Cambridge. 14 October 1945.

2pp., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with minor spotting. Addressed to 'Dear Sir'. After thanking him for his 'kind letter' he states: 'I do not really make much objection to the republication of my interview. But what I feel is that I should have been asked about it & allowed to see a proof, as the interview took place some time ago now, & the circumstances are not quite the same.' He is glad [Walton] approved of the interview, adding 'I quite appreciate the spirit in which you view the journalistic aspect of affairs'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('A. C. Benson') to 'Sir John'.

A. C. Benson [Arthur Christopher Benson (1862-1925)], writer and Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge
A. C. Benson, (1862-1925)], writer and Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, L
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24 May 1917. On letterhead of Magdalene College, Cambridge.
A. C. Benson, (1862-1925)], writer and Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, L

12mo, 2 pp.Twenty-six lines. Text clear and complete. Fair, on aged paper, with strip of paper mount still adhering at head of second page (not affecting text). Presumably addressed to one of the contributors to 'Cambridge Essays on Education' (1917), which Benson edited, although none of the contributors corresponds to 'Sir John'. Benson is grateful for the essay, which will make 'a most useful & interesting contribution to our book'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('A. C. Benson') to 'Mr <Fletcher?>.

Arthur Christopher Benson (1862-1925), English man of letters and Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge
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13 April 1915; on letterhead of Tremans, Horsted Keynes, Sussex.

12mo: 2 pp. Very good. 15 lines of text. He thanks him for his book . I can't read it leisurely at present - I am on the move - but I have been reading in it, as the old writers say'. He is very interested in the things he is gleaning from it. In a postscript he thanks the author for 'what you say about my work' and praises the book for its 'vitality which so much literature lacks, but which some books possess'.

Autograph Letter Signed to the Reverend Vickers of Bearwood in Dorset.

Arthur Christopher Benson [Magdalene College]
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3 June 1924; on letterhead of the Old Lodge, Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Prolific author (1862-1925), responsible for the words to 'Land of Hope and Glory'. Brother of the novelist E. F. Benson et al. Four pages, 12mo. Good though grubby, and on paper foxed and discoloured with age. Discusses his 'little paper on Stuart Donaldson'. 'He had a wonderfully <?> and courageous spirit [...] I knew Fred Donaldson well, but never quite understood him. St Clair, now Bishop of Sarum, was my own contemporary & close friend. [...] Donaldson did a great work here in lifting the College out of obscurity into life & activity. He (& I) came here in 1904. There were then 30 men.

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