['Ribbentrop's Speech on the Occupation of Norway 1940'.] Duplicated copy of typescript of the speech (in 'diplomatic French'), as 'found by W/Cdr S. John Peskett OBE in 1945', with English translation by him and covering note.

[Joachim von Ribbentrop (1893-1946), Foreign Minister in Nazi Germany; Wing Commander S. John Peskett, OBE]
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Without date or place.

Three items, all typed. In good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Covering note, probably by Peskett. 1p., 12mo. Headed 'Ribbentrop's Speech on the Occupation of Norway 1940'. Beneath the heading is an eight-line quotation from Low's 'Years of Wrath', followed by: 'The document herewith, issued by the German Foreign Office, is the Italian ambassador's copy of a number issued to those present on the occasion of Ribbentrop's speech to the Heads of Foreign Missions and members of the German and foreign press in Berlin in 1940.

Two Autograph Letters Signed to [Aaron Jonah] Jacobs.

Sir Meyer Spielman
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Letter one: 23 December 1932 and 7 July 1935; both on embossed letterhead '29, CAMBRIDGE SQUARE, | W.2.'

British school inspector (1856-1936) and member of bodies dealing with child welfare and the after-care of children. Both one page, octavo, and both folded twice. LETTER ONE: creased and discoloured, with closed tear along one fold (not affecting text). He has 'carefully read with much interest' Jacobs' 'World peace and armaments', '& I congratulate your [sic] heartily upon the presentation of your views. | Before attempting to further your case, I should like to have a talk with you.' Suggests meeting at the Constitutional Club.

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