[ Elizabeth, Lady Eastlake, art critic and wife of Sir Charles Eastlake, Director of the National Gallery. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Eliz: Eastlake')

Elizabeth, Lady Eastlake [ nee Rigby ] (1809-1893), art critic and art historian, the first woman to write regularly for the Quarterly Review, wife of Sir Charles Eastlake, Director, National Galery
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7 Fitzroy Square [ London ]. 11 June 1836.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with small glue stain and thin strip of stub adhering to one edge. Reads: 'Dear Lady Stanhope | If you & Lord Stanhope could honor us with your company on Thursday evng the 19th. Sir Chas. & Dr. Waagen & I wd. be much gratified | Believe me yr's truly | Eliz: Eastlake'. 'Dr. Waagen' is the German art historian Gustav Friedrich Waagen (1794-1868).

[Lady Elizabeth Eastlake, daughter of Dr Edward Rigby and wife of Sir Charles Lock Eastlake.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Eliz: Rigby'), sending personal news to her aunt, with reference to the family of the bookseller John Murray.

Lady Elizabeth Eastlake [née Rigby] [Elizabeth, Lady Eastlake] (1809-1893), daughter of Dr Edward Rigby (1747-1821) and wife of Sir Charles Lock Eastlake (1793-1865) [John Murray, London bookseller]
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'Blackheath. | Wednesday night [undated, but 1840s]'.

4pp., 16mo. Bifolium with mourning border. In fair condition, on aged paper. She begins by explaining the reasons for her silence, and apologising if she has 'seemed neglectful': 'the truth is that I quitted Chester Squr on Monday, for Miss Squire's of Blackheath [...] I return to London to morrow mg, to spend a few days with Mr. Murray's [publisher] family in Albemarle St. & then think of takg the railroad to Derby [opened in 1844] to fulfil a long promised visit.' The letter continues with references to 'Mrs Reese Sr.' of Chester Square, 'dear Kath:' and 'dear Matty'.

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