[ Freya Stark, explorer and travel writer. ] Three Autograph Cards Signed (all 'Freya Stark') to the crime writer Susan Gilruth, socialising and praising her books.

Freya Stark [ Dame Freya Madeline Stark; Mrs Stewart Perowne ] (1893-1993), British explorer and travel writer [ Susan Gilruth [ born Susannah Margaret Hornsby-Wright ], crime writer ]
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9 and 23 February, and 9 March. The first two from 30 Chester Street, SW1 [ London ], the last from Asolo [ Italy ].

Three plain postcards (no illustrations), with stamps and postmarks, all addressed to Gilruth (author of seven crime novels punlished between 1951 and 1963) at 7 Reston Place, Hyde Park, London. The three cards in fair condition, aged and worn, with staining to corners from mounting, and two of the signatures only half-legible through fading. In the first she says that she is in London until the end of February, and 'would like so much' to see her again: 'Could you come in for drinks with a few friends on Tuesday Feb 17th?' The second begins: 'Thank you ever so much.

Typed Letter Signed ('R E Wilkinson') from Richard Edward Wilkinson, British Consul at Izmir, Turkey, to Sir Harry Luke, regarding a tour by Freya Stark of south-western Anatolia.

Richard Edward Wilkinson (1901-1972), British Consul at Izmir, Turkey [Sir Harry Luke (1884-1969), colonial governor; Freya Stark [Dame Freya Madeline Stark] (1893?-1993), traveller and writer]
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British Consulate-General, Izmir, Turkey, on Government letterhead. 10 October 1952.

2pp, 4to. Very good on lightly-aged paper. Docketed by Luke at head of first page. Having received Luke's letter of 5 October, Wilkinson reports that 'Mrs. [Freya] Stark is at present on a tour of south-western Anatolia, visiting places like Halicarnassus, Cnidus, Loryma, Telmissus, Xanthus and so forth.

Print of pencil drawing of Sharif Muhammad Amin, son of H.H. Amir 'Ali Haidar Pasha (1866-1935), Grand Sharif and Amir of Mecca.

W. B. Jemmett (d.1925), British miniature-painter and dandy [Sharif Muhammad Amin; H.H. Amir 'Ali Haidar Pasha, Grand Sharif and Amir of Mecca; Biarritz; Saudi Arabia; Arabic; Arabian; Arab]
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On a piece of grey paper roughly 25 x 22 cm, with card backing. The backing is rough-edged, the picture having been removed from its mount, but the edges of the print itself are undamaged. A little grubby, and with minor spotting and staining. Depicts the moustachioed sitter's head in profile, looking to his right, wearing a white guthra with decorative igaal. The image includes a reproduction of Jemmett's signature in the bottom right-hand corner, with the sitter's signature, in Arabic script, reproduced in the bottom left-hand corner.

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