[ Ray Bradbury ]Autograph inscription by Ray Bradbury on a fax ('FROM ZANA BRADBURY') of the 'FINAL VERSION' of his preface to Melissa Scott's 1993 novel 'Burning Bright', describing 'the genesis of FAHRENHEIT 451'.

Ray Bradbury [Ray Douglas Bradbury] (b.1920), American author of the classic science-fiction novel 'Fahrenheit 451' [Melissa Scott (b.1960)]
Publication details: 
Bradbury's original signature dated 5 January 1994, on fax sent on 6 February 1993, of preface dated in type 14 February 1993.

4to, 13 pp on thirteen leaves, consisting of a covering title-page and with the preface itself making up the remaining twelve pages. Bradbury's inscription, in blue felt-tip pen, is on the title-page, with 'FINAL VERSION! | FEB. 1993' above the title and 'Ray Bradbury | SIGNED JAN. 5, 1994' beneath it. The print-out fax information at the top of each page reads '06-02-1993 09:22 PM FROM ZANA BRADBURY TO 16193205383'. Condition is fair, with the leaves somewhat dogeared and discoloured.

[ Terry Jeeves, science-fiction artist and fanzine editor. ] Typed Letter Signed ('Terry') to Don Malcolm, on a number of topics including his lifelong interest in aeronautics and space travel.

Terry Jeeves [ Byron Terry Jeeves; B. T. Jeeves ] (1922-2011), Science-Fiction artist, writer and fanzine editor [ Don Malcolm, Scottish science fiction expert; Glasgow, Scotland; British sci-fi ]
Publication details: 
On his illustrated letterhead, 230 Bannerdale Rd, Sheffield. 8 July [no year, but circa 1970 ].

2pp., 4to. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. On two leaves stapled together. The letterhead, printed in red, is a cartoon portrait of the artist with palette and brush, pointing to the address on a blackboard. A long chatty letter, listing the titles and prices of an order Malcolm has made, describing his activities at a time when he is 'pushed like mad', arranging an 'interview for ERG', discribing the contents of the four albums of his stamp collecting ('I wouldn't call myself a philatelist . . . .

Typed Letter Signed ('Arthur') from the science-fiction writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke, sendng personal news to Arthur Bourne of the Academic Press Inc., including that he is 'happily retired with theh completion of my last and best novel.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke [Sir Arthur Charles Clarke] (1917-2008), English science and science-fiction writer [Arthur Bourne of the Academic Press Inc, British science journalist]
Publication details: 
'Leslie's House', 25 Barnes Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka. 7 November 1978.

1p., 12mo. Air mail letter on blue paper, addressed to Arthur Bourne, Academic Press Inc. (London) Ltd, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DX, England. In good condition, lightly aged and creased. Clarke begins by thanking Bourne for his letter, and informing him that he has 'sent a card of thank [sic] to Dr. Allan Cottey'. 'I am now happily retired with the completion of my last and best novel "The Fountains of Paradise" (Playboy January and February - HBJ; Gollancz, January). I expect to be back in England in August to attend the World S. F.

Galley proofs of Damon Knight's 1962 anthology 'A Century of Science Fiction'.

Damon Knight (1922-2002), American science-fiction writer and editor
Publication details: 
New York: Simon and Schuster, Inc., 1962.

126 galleys, numbered in type, each 60 x 15 cm, and containing the text of two pages. Text clear and complete. On aged paper, with fraying and light staining to some extremities. Red Simon and Schuster label, with typed publication date and price, on reverse of last leaf. Under seven headings from 'Robots' to 'Marvelous Inventions', and featuring the work of authors from Jules Verne to Brian W. Aldiss. Introduction and linking passages by Knight himself. Although present in the proofs, one story - 'The Mindworm' by C. M.

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