[B. H. Draper, Baptist hymn writer.] Autograph Letter Signed proposing to the nonconformist bookseller Josiah Conder an edition of Philip Henry’s sermons, from manuscripts, with reference to Sir John Bickerton Williams and John William Cunningham.

B. H. Draper [Bourne Hall Draper] (1775-1843), hymn writer and Baptist minister [Josiah Conder (1789-1855), nonconformist bookseller; John Bickerton Williams; John William Cunningham; Philip Henry]
Publication details: 
‘Coseley, nr Bilstone, Staffordshire. / Dec. 20. 1815.’

See his entry in the Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology, and Conder’s entry in the Oxford DNB. 2pp, 4to. On the first leaf of a bifolium, the second addressed on the reverse, with postmark, to ‘Mr. Josh. Conder, / Bookseller, / Bucklersbury, / London.’ In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, spiked, folded for postage, and with damage and slight loss to the second leaf from the breaking of the wafer. Begins: ‘Learning lately from my friend Mr. Williams of Shrewsbury, [the future Sir John Bickerton Williams (1792-1855)] that you had engaged with him for his MS.

[ Marcus Bourne Huish, editor of the Art Journal and director of the Fine Arts Society. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Marcus B Huish') [ to Arthur Allchin ] regarding 'the Phiz exhibition'.

Marcus Bourne Huish [ Marcus B. Huish ] (1843-1921), author, editor of the Art Journal and first director of the Fine Arts Society
Publication details: 
No place or date. [ London, 1883? ]

1p., 16mo. In good condition, lightly aged. He has been called away at the last moment, and asks him to 'tell Mr. Brown anything that you may have to arrange respecting the Phiz Exhibition'. From the papers of Arthur Allchin. The Athenaeum reported in 1883 that 'Mr. Arthur Allchin, who was an intimate friend of the late Hablot K. Browne, has written an article on his life and work which will appear shortly in the Century Magazine, and will be copiously illustrated from original drawings by " Phiz."'

[ Cardinal Francis Bourne, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster. ] Autograph Signature ('F. Card. Bourne').

Cardinal Francis Bourne [ Francis Alphonsus Bourne ] (1861-1935), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster
Publication details: 
Place and date not statred.

Neat signature ('F. Card. Bourne'), if a little shaky, at top left of one side of a light-green leaf extracted from an autograph album. No other text on either side. In good condition, lightly aged.

Printed pamphlet: 'Diocesan Seminaries and the Education of Ecclesiastical Students.'

Francis A. Bourne, Rector of St. John's Diocesan Seminary, Wonersh, Guildford
Publication details: 
London: Burns & Oates, Limited. New York, Cincinnati, Chicago: Benziger Brothers.[ 1893. ]

66pp., 8vo. Stitched and disbound. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, but with the cover and first 16pp. separated from the rest; in worn binding with damage to spine. Two page preface by 'F. A. B.' Divided into four sections: 'Some Remarks on the Proposed Establishment of a Central Seminary', 'An Alternative Policy and Its Feasibility', 'Our Resources and our Models' and 'On the Separate Education of Ecclesiastical Students'. Now scarce.

[Maurice F. Strong of the United Nations Environment Programme.] Two Typed Letters Signed to the English environmentalist Arthur Bourne, with typed copies of five letters from Bourne to Strong.

Maurice F. Strong (b.1929), Canadian entrepreneur, Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development ['Earth Summit'], 1992 [Arthur G. Bourne; Oil For Food Programme]
Publication details: 
Strong's letters both from Geneva, on letterheads of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, 29 August 1972, and the United Nations Environment Programme, 26 July 1973. Four of Bourne's drafts from Flitwick, Bedfordshire, 1972-1975.

The seven items are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Strong's two letters are each 1p., 8vo, and are both on thin paper with slight wear to the edges; the second letter is docketed on the reverse by Bourne. In his first letter Strong congratulates Bourne on 'the new journal "The Environment This Month"'. He was 'favourably impressed with the first issue' and congratulates Bourne 'on the initiative you have taken in filling in such a promising way the need which existed for a high quality international journal on environmental affairs'.

12 Typed Letters Signed marine explorer Jacques Piccard to Arthur Bourne, including specifications of his 'new submarine (the PX-28)', with transcript of speech, booklet on the 'Ben Franklin', offprint, photograph, copies of Bourne's replies.

Jacques Piccard (1922-2008), Swiss oceanographer, first explorer with Don Walsh of the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench [Arthur G. Bourne, science journalist]
Publication details: 
Piccard's letters from Lausanne, Switzerland: three on letterheads of the Bureau Jacques Piccard, and nine on letterheads of the Fondation pour l'Etude et la Protection de la Mer et des Lacs; dating from between 1970 and 1981. Booklet c.1972.

A collection of 26 items, consisting of 12 letters from Piccard to Bourne, copies of 9 of Bourne's replies, a copy of a letter from Piccard to D. F. Horrobin, an offprint article, a transcript of a speech by Piccard in 1972, a booklet on the 'Ben Franklin' and an undated publicity photograph. The first of Piccard's letters (5 November 1970) is repaired with tape, the other items in the collection are in good condition, lightly-aged, with a few staple and punch holes, and some of Piccard's letters carrying notes in pen and pencil by Bourne.

Typed Letter Signed ('Arthur') from the science-fiction writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke, sendng personal news to Arthur Bourne of the Academic Press Inc., including that he is 'happily retired with theh completion of my last and best novel.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke [Sir Arthur Charles Clarke] (1917-2008), English science and science-fiction writer [Arthur Bourne of the Academic Press Inc, British science journalist]
Publication details: 
'Leslie's House', 25 Barnes Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka. 7 November 1978.

1p., 12mo. Air mail letter on blue paper, addressed to Arthur Bourne, Academic Press Inc. (London) Ltd, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DX, England. In good condition, lightly aged and creased. Clarke begins by thanking Bourne for his letter, and informing him that he has 'sent a card of thank [sic] to Dr. Allan Cottey'. 'I am now happily retired with the completion of my last and best novel "The Fountains of Paradise" (Playboy January and February - HBJ; Gollancz, January). I expect to be back in England in August to attend the World S. F.

Autograph Letter Signed from the Victorian novelist Ethel Bourne [to Rupert Simms, author of the 'Bibliotheca Staffordiensis'] explaining her reasons for publishing under the pseudonym 'Evelyn Burne'.

Ethel Bourne, Victorian novelist under the pseudonym 'Evelyn Burne' [Rupert Simms (1853-1937), bookseller and author of the 'Bibliotheca Staffordiensis']
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Hilderstone Hall, Stone, Staffordshire. 18 May 1892.

1p., 12mo. 10 lines. On bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper. She explains that her only publications up to that point are 'Stormbeaten and Weary' and 'Spectre Stricken' ('a Christmas Story'). 'I wish to remain unknown until I can write a book I consider sufficiently good to have my own name - for this reason I have called myself "Evelyn Burne".'

Autograph Manuscript of the poem 'The Thunder Storm', in the autograph of its author William Bourne Oliver Peabody.

Rev. William Bourne Oliver Peabody (1799-1847), pastor of the Unitarian church in Springfield, Massachusetts, educated at Harvard and Cambridge Divinity School
Publication details: 
Place and date not stated.

2pp., 12mo. Fair, on aged paper. In pencil at head: 'Autograph of the Rev W. B. O. Peabody'. In ink in a contemporary hand, between the title and body of text: 'Autograph of Mr Peabody '. Twenty-four lines, arranged in three eight-line stanzas. The text presented here differs in certain respects from that printed in A. P. Putnam's 'Singers and Songs of the Liberal Faith' (1875). In the present version the first stanza reads: 'Black the heaven is overcast! | Breathless is the sultry blast.


E. H. Bourne, Director, Investigation Branch, Personnel Department [THE POST OFFICE; ROYAL MAIL; POSTAL HISTORY]
Publication details: 
[London,] 20 January 1939.

Two pages. On both sides of a piece of paper roughly twelve and a quarter inches by eight inches wide. Illustrated on both sides. An unusual piece of Post Office ephemera, and something of a period piece, on aged paper, with fraying to extremities. Begins 'The object of these instructions is to secure the apprehension of men and women who are negotiating stolen postal order forms and stolen penny stamps, the proceeds of thefts from Post Office. [...]'.

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