[ Vera Stacey Wainwright, West Country painter and poet. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Vera (Wainwright)') to Ida Forbes-Robertson ('Dear Idzie'), with reference to Gaugin's drawing of her father Eric Forbes-Robertson.

Vera Wainwright [ Vera Stacey Wainwright ] (1893-1967), West Country painter and poet, friend of Austin Osman Spare [ Ida Forbes-Robertson, daughter Eric Forbes-Robertson (1865-1935), artist ]
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Crows Nest, Darite, Liskeard, Cornwall. 18 September 1947.

2pp., landscape 8vo. In envelope, with stamp and postmark, addressed to 'Miss I. Forbes-Robertson | 30a. Collingham Place | Earls Court | S.W.5.' In good condition, lightly aged. The first part of the letter concerns a lost or stolen letter and cheque. 'Of course I shall pay you - but it is s. sweet of you to suggest the present'. She repeats information she gave in the letter about which artists' materials she would like: 'Paper for water-colour is becoming scarce too but I have some at the moment'.

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