[ John Galsworthy, author of the Forsyte Saga, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. ] Printed facsimile of an autograph letter signed, regarding a coming Royal Literary Fund dinner of which he will be chairman.

John Galsworthy (1867-1933), novelist and playwright, author of the Forsyte Saga, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature [ The Royal Literary Fund, London ]
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On letterhead of the Royal Literary Fund, Stationers' Hall, Stationers' Hall Court, E.C.4. [ London ] March 1929.

1p., 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. A circular appeal for donations and a well-printed facsimile. Galsworthy writes that he is taking the chair at 'the 139th Dinner of the Royal Literary Fund, on May 9th: in the Edward VIIth Room of the Hotel Victoria. | The beneficial work of the Fund must be well known to you; nor is it needful for me to stress the urgent nature of the many appeals that tax its resources to the utmost.

['Black Americana.'] Complete set of four late-Victorian British chromolithographic plates, with stereotyped racist depictions of 'Sambo's Courtship', 'Sambo's Wedding', 'Sambo's First-Born' and 'Sambo's Baby's Christening'.

['Black Americana'; nineteenth-century racism; Victorian racist illustration]
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English (each print 'Copyright Entered at Stationers Hall'). Circa 1888.

The four plates (each 29 x 23.5 cm) are loose and unframed, in fair condition, aged and worn, with no margins, chipping to the edges, and with the corners cut off at a diagonal. Each title written in pencil in a contemporary hand on the reverse of the print, each with a price of '6d'. The subjects are not depicted in unattractive style, and are certainly not grotesques, but they are shown as 'simple', untroubled individuals, with the usual happy, gleaming brown faces and shiny white teeth.

[Book trade ephemera from Cheney & Sons, printers in Victorian Banbury.] Seven items of the firm's own stationery and advertising material, including letterheads, notices, display card.

[Cheney & Sons, General, Commercial & Artistic Printers, Banbury, 'Established 1771 [1768]']
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Cheney & Sons, printers, Banbury, Oxfordshire. One item from December 1890, five of the others from around the same period, and the last from the 1930s.

The seven items in very good condition, lightly aged. From the firm's archive, and produced to its highest standards. Partner John Cheney described himself on his calling card (not present) as a 'Printer in Gold, Silver, and Colours', with 'Specialities in the best class of work', and the company's high standards attracted clients from London's West End. For more about the firm see 'John Cheney and his descendants, printers in Banbury since 1767' (1936), and the Victoria County History volume for the County of Oxford, Banbury Hundred.

Autograph itemised Receipt Signed by the Southwark stationer John Muggeridge, made out to 'Mr. Cromp' and listing five purchases including ink, blotting paper, wax and quills.

John Muggeridge (d.1825), Stationer, Borough [Southwark, London]
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[Borough (Southwark), London.] 21 February 1777.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Headed 'Mr. Cromp 21 Feby 1777 | Bought of John Muggeridge'. The first and most expensive of the six items, at £1 6s 0d, is 'a Book 6 qn fine Medium ruld. 9 lines Vellum <?> lind marbled & Alphabet'. Other items include '1/2 pind red Ink & Stone bottle', 'blotting paper', '1/2 pound supfine [sic] wax' and '400 best Quills'. The six items total £1 14s 6d. Docketed 'No.

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