[ Julia Kavanagh, Irish Victorian novelist. ] Autograph Signature on part of letter to London publisher Henry Blackett, regarding the sending of 'early copies' of a book to the United States ('that distracted country') and proofs to Baron Tauchnitz.

Julia Kavanagh (1824-1877), Irish Victorian novelist, a devout Catholic most of whose work was set in France [ Henry Blackett (1825-1871), English publisher, partner in London firm Hurst & Blackett ]
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Without place or date.

On both sides of a piece of thin laid paper, roughly 10 x 12.5 cm, torn from a letter. Aged and worn, with chipping to extremities. The recto reads: '[…] work is to be published? I sh also be much obliged to you i you will give me any informat about America. Is anything done with that distracted countr in the way of early copies? I dare say it is time to sen Baron Tauchnitz the proofs through Williams & Norgate. I trust you will kindly see to that for m We shall be g to the coun […]'.

['Specimen Copy' of first issue of magazine, with 'Tauchnitz Edition' catalogue bound in.] The Tauchnitz Magazine. An English Monthly Miscellany for Continental Readers. [With contributions by Bret Harte, E. Nesbit, Lady West and James Payn.]

Bernard Tauchnitz, Leipzig publisher [Bret Harte; E. Nesbit; Lady West; James Payn]
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Magazine: 'Edited, published and printed by Bernhard Tauchnitz, Leipzig.' No.1. August 1891. Catalogue: 'Bernard Tauchnitz, Leipzig.' September 1891.

Magazine: [8] + 80pp. In blue printed illustrated wraps. Internally in good condition, on aged paper, with unopened signatures, in worn and chipped wraps. Stamped in red at head of front cover: 'SPECIMEN COPY.' Announcement at foot of front cover: 'This magazine is not to be introduced into England or its colonies nor into the United States of America.' The first eight pages carry advertisments, as do both sides of the back wrap.

Autograph letter signed to unnamed correspondent

J.R. Seeley
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4 Nov. [1878?]

Historian and essayist (1834-1895). One page, 8vo. He discussses Baron Tauchnitz's involvement in one of his books [probably the "Life and Times of Stein; or, Germany & Prussia in the Napoleonic Age" (Todd 1849, Cambridge, 1878)]. "As to the honorarium, I am advised that Baron Tauchnitz ought to make an offer".

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