[ Thomas George Bonney, geologist after whom Lake Bonney in Antarctica is named. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('T. G. Bonney') to an unnamed lady, contesting that domestic service is a 'state of slavery'.

T. G. Bonney [ Thomas George Bonney ] (1833-1923), geologist after whom Lake Bonney in Antarctica is named, President of the Geological Society of London
Publication details: 
23 Denning Road, N. W. [ London ]. On letterhead of the Athenaeum club, Pall Mall. 13 October 1904.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. A tantalizing extract from a correspondence. He begins: 'I doubt whether domestic service, as a rule, is quite the state of slavery you depict, but, as I said before, the question which you ask me is less simple than you appear to think and I can only say that every employer is bound to remember that those he (or she) employs has wants, bodily and spiritual, very similar to his own.' He concludes the letter, and the correspondence, by apologising that he 'cannot continue to write on the subject'.

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