[ Oxford Tutors' Association and Oxford University Commission. ] Two printed pamphlets: 'Recommendations respecting the Extension of the University of Oxford' and 'Recommendations respecting the Constitution of the University of Oxford'.

[ S.W. Wayte] Samuel William Wayte (1819-1898), President of Trinity College, Oxford [ Oxford Tutors' Association; Oxford University Commission, 1850-1852 ]
Publication details: 
[ Oxford Tutors' Association. ] First item without date or publishing details, but dating from 1852 or 1853. Second item: Oxford: John Henry Parker; and 377, Strand, London. 1853.

Both items in good condition, with light signs of age and wear. Both side stitched, and without wraps. ONE: 'Recommendations respecting the Extension of the University of Oxford'. 32pp., 8vo. On reverse of title: 'The following Paper was drawn up at the request of the Tutors' Association by a Committee appointed on Nov. 19, 1852. It was read and considered at meetings of the Association held in Merton and Jesus College Common Rooms on Dec. 10 and 13: and its adoption will be proposed at the first meeting of the Association next Term.' TWO: 'Reports of the Oxford Tutors' Association. No. II.

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