[Arts and Crafts architecture in the Potteries, 1908.] Blueprint of plans and elevations by the architect William Ford Slater for ‘3 HOUSES HIGH LANE BURSLEM / FOR MR: HARRY H. ROSE / 1/8th Scale’, for construction by John Henry Broadhurst and Son.

[Arts and Crafts achitecture in the Potteries.] William Ford Slater (1866-1951), architect and surveyor; J. H. Broadhurst and Son [John Henry Broadhurst], builder of Burslem, Staffordshire.
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J. H. Broadhurst & Son, Burlem, Staffordshire. 27 [June?] 1908. ‘John Henry Broadhurst / [June?] 27/08 / p pro J H Broadhurst & Son’.
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In 1907 the ‘Builder’ describes ‘Mr. W. F. Slater, Overhouse-chambers, Burslem’ as a ‘Surveyor’, and in 1909 the ‘Electrical Review’ refers to him as an ‘architect’ at the same address. Five years later ‘Building News’ reports that Slater is ‘architect to the education committee’. In 1921 (‘The Surveyor’) he is the ‘surveyor, Urban Council Offices, Wolstanton, Staffs’, and in 1926 (‘Public Works Weekly Surveyor’) he is ‘architect to the corporation’. See the reference to Broadhurst’s bankruptcy in London Gazette, 12 November 1929, in which he is named as ‘BROADHURST, John Henry, of “Gorsefield,” High-lane, Burslem, in the county of Stafford, BUILDER and CONTRACTOR, trading as J. H. BROADHURST and SON.’ The present item is an attractive blueprint of the single design for each of the five houses (from the number of bedrooms and kitchens more likely to be lodging houses than private residences). On 74 x 56 cm. paper. At top left the caption: ‘5 Houses High Lane Burslem / For Mr: Harry H. Rose’ and facsimile of signature of ‘W. F. Slater / Archt. / June ’08’. At bottom right facsimile of signature of ‘John Henry Broadhurst / June 27/08 / p pro J H Broadhurst & Son’. Folded four times into 9.5 x 28 cm packet. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with closed tear at foot of central vertical crease, and heavy wear to some folds. Nicely laid out, with Ground Plan, Chamber Plan (with Section to its left), Front Elevation, End Elevation (with ‘Section AA’ to its right) and Roof Plan. A design for a substantial building, showing the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement (also apparent in the lettering). The ground plan is for a house with two coal sheds and three areas for ‘Ashes’ (dustbins), an ‘Inspection Chamber’, three sculleries, a three kitchens, a living room, two parlours. The chamber plan has ten bedrooms and two bathrooms. See Image.