[Dodie Smith, author of 'The Hundred and One Dalamatians'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Dodie') to 'Popie' (theatre historian W. J. MacQueen-Pope), regarding her contract with Walt Disney, a celebratory dinner in London, the death of her own dalmatians

Dodie Smith [Dorothy Gladys Smith] (1896-1990), children's writer and playwright, author of 'The Hundred and One Dalmatians' (1956) and 'I Capture the Castle' (1948) [W. J. MacQueen-Pope (1888-1960)]
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2 December 1957. On letterhead of The Barretts, Finchingfield, Essex.

See the entries for Smith and MacQueen-Pope in the Oxford DNB. Walt Disney had read The Hundred and One Dalmatians earlier in the year in which the present letter was written, and had immediately begun negotiations for the rights, much to Smith's delight, as she had hoped that he would make it into a film. 2pp, 8vo. A long letter, in a close and elegant hand. Writing on behalf of herself and her 'friend' and business manager Alec Macbeth Beesley, and on receipt of his latest book, she begins: 'Dear Popie, | How very, very kind of you to send us Give me Yesterday! Thank you so much.

[Christopher Fry, playwright.] Typescript of a cinematic 'Story Treatment' of 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens: 'A 90 Minute Animated Color Version', 'Adapted by Christopher Fry'.

Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright; Charles Dickens
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With address of Fry's agent: ACTAC (Theatrical & Cinematic) Limited, 16, Cadogan Lane, London S.W.1'. Without date [1970s or 1980s?].

In addition to his distinguished career as a playwright, Fry had some success in Hollywood. He completely rewrote (uncredited) the screenplay of 'Ben-Hur' (1959), and was responsible for the screenplay of the Dino De Laurentiis epic 'The Bible: In the Beginning' (1966), directed by John Houston. The present item is a treatment for a film that did not make it into production. It is [1] + 71pp, 8vo. Each page on a separate loose leaf. With thin card covers, also loose, the front cover carrying a duplication of the title-page, and the back cover blank. In good condition, lightly aged.

[ Walt Disney, animator. ] Full-page colour cartoon strips from the English edition of 'Mickey Mouse Weekly', including 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Cinderella'.

[ Walt Disney, animator ] [ Alice in Wonderland ]
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Printed for the proprietors Willbank Publications, Ltd, by Odhams Press, Ltd, London. From the issues of 29 July 1950 and 21 July, 1951.

Six leaves extracted from the two issues, carrying six pages of coloured cartoon strips, with black and white text and illustrations on their reverses. In fair condition, lightly aged.

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