Autograph Memorandum by the artist John Piper, describing how Vollard's biography of Cézanne inspired him when he read it as a teenager.

John Piper (1903-1992), English painter [Ambroise Vollard (1866-1939), art dealer and connoisseur; Paul Cézanne (1839-1906)]
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On letterhead of Fawley Bottom Farmhouse near Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Undated.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-creased paper. Clearly responding to an enquiry regarding what books had had a formative influence on his life, Piper writes: 'Vollard's Life of Cézanne, because it showed me, in my teens, that an artist can be dedicated, unbohemian, unworldly, against the tide and absolutely true to his instincts, which happened to be right. The book - by a dealer, too!

Five poems by Captain H. W. Windsor Aubrey, R.A.M.C.: two holographs (including 'The Yellow Peril. Dedicated to the German Emperor'), one with typed copy, two others typed and one mimeographed; four concerning Delhi Barracks, Tidworth.

Captain Henry Wentworth Windsor Aubrey (c.1859-1934), M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. [R.A.M.C. Delhi Barracks, Tidworth, Wiltshire; Brimstone Bottom]
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One of the six items on R.A.M.C. letterhead, Delhi Barracks, Tidworth, Salisbury Plain [Wiltshire]; dated 20 February 1918. Four of the others also 1918, and the sixth 1904.

Henry Wentworth Windsor Aubrey was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Dorset Regiment Militia on 21 April 1875, and resigned his commission three years later. He qualified as a Doctor in 1885 and practiced in Clifton, where he was a keen cricketer and golfer. During the First World War he served in the RAMC, reaching the rank of Temporary Captain (Home) on 1 December 1917. The six items (including Item Four, a typescript of Item Three) are in very good condition, on lightly-aged paper.

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