[Sylvester, Lord Glenbervie and Thomas Steele, Joint Paymasters General of the Forces.] Both men's Autograph Signatures, with seals, to document witnessed by P. George Craufurd and Harry Harmood, appointing their attorneys.

Sylvester, Lord Glenbervie [Sylvester Douglas, 1st Baron Glenbervie] and Thomas Steele, Joint Paymasters General of the Forces; Patrick George Craufurd and Harry Harmood of Army Pay Office
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'this 26th. day of March In the Forty first Year of His Majesty's Reign, and in the Year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and One.'

See the entries for Sylvester Douglas, 1st Baron Glenbervie (1743-1823), and Thomas Steele (1753-1823) in the Oxford DNB. The two men served as Joint Paymasters General of the Forces, 1801-1803. 2pp, foolscap 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin strip from mount adhering to the reverse of the leaf. Embossed tax stamp at top left of first page. The signatures of 'Thos. Steele' and 'Glenbervie' are at bottom right, with the men's seals in red wax beside them (Steele's in fair condition, and Glenbervie's lacking a segment from chipping). Witnessed at bottom left by P.

[ Lord Whitworth, as British Ambassador to France. ] Autograph Note in the third person, inviting Lord Glenbervie to dinner with himself and his wife, known as the Duchess of Dorset..

Charles Whitworth, 1st Earl Whitworth (1752-1825) [ Lord Whitworth, 1800-1813; Viscount Whitworth, 1813-1815 ], British diplomat [ Sylvester Douglas, 1st Baron Glenbervie (1743-1823) ]
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Hôtel de l'Empire [ Paris ]. Undated [ 1819? see note below ]..

1p., 16mo. In fair condition, lightly aged. Reads: 'Lord Whitworth & the Duchess of Dorset [now his wife] request the honor of Lord Glenbervie's Company at dinner to morrow [sic] at ½ past five. | Hôtel de l'Empire | Sunday morn.' Whitworth was British Ambassador to Paris. 1802-1803. Note: "After the restoration of the Bourbons in France, which as a political expedient he [Whitworth] highly approved, he visited Paris in April 1819 with the Duchess of Dorset and a numerous train."

Address of letter, in the autograph of Eva Marie Garrick, wife of the actor David Garrick, with manuscript note, with other autographs.

Eva Maria Garrick [née Veigel; stage name 'Violette'] (1724-1822), Austrian dancer and wife of the English actor and dramatist David Garrick; Sylvester Douglas, Baron Glenbervie (1743-1823); Sandwich]
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Place and date not stated. [1819.]

The autograph address by Eva Marie Garrick is on a 7.5 x 14.5 piece of paper, laid down on an 8 x 20 cm piece of paper cut from an album. In fair condition, aged. Lightly-scored through by the postal authorities, it reads: 'The Rigt. Honorable | Dowr. Lady Amherst | Leven Grove near | Stokerley | Yorkshire'. Beneath this, in another hand: 'Widow of the celebrated David Garrick Esq', and along one edge, in a third hand (Lady Amherst's?), 'This direction was written by Mrs Garrick in the year 1819 when in her 92d year'.

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