[Printed magazine of British telephone exchange operator training centres.] Training Tribune. Finis Coronat Opus.

[E. H. Burt (British government telephone manager), editor 'Training Tribune' [A. D. Hall; N. Temme; B. E. Harrop; B. A. Hulbert; G. Pickett; W. A. Coleman; exchange; operator; telephonist]
Publication details: 
[No. 2.] 'Oct. 1953 Telephone Branch Training Division'.

11pp., 12mo. Duplicated. Stapled. In card wraps printed in black and red, with the motto 'Finis Coronat Opus' within a shield on the cover. In fair condition, on aged paper, with slight staining at head of gutter, and rusted staples. Features include: a full-page poem titled 'Continental Dirge' by 'Mrs. Laurence East | Trainee'; 'Chit Chat | London Wall Reception Centre' by Hall; 'Trunk Training Centre (Throgmorton Avenue)' by Temme; 'Temple Bar Training Centre' by Harrop; 'Kensington Training Centre' by Hulbert; 'Cornwall House Training Centre' by Pickett; 'Govt. P.B.X. and D.Q.

Manuscript order, signed by Bickerton ('R Bickerton') and Hulbert ('Jno. Se. Hulbert'), directing Bathurst, as Captain of HMS Fame, to proceed to Chatham, to be paid off.

Sir Richard Bickerton [Sir Richard Hussey Bickerton (1759-1832), English Admiral; Walter Bathurst (1764?-1827), naval officer; John George Hulbert; J. S. Hulbert; Royal Navy; naval and maritime]
Publication details: 
Given onboard [sic] the Prince at Spithead, 11th. Septr: 1814'.

One page, on the recto of the first leaf of a bifolium (leaf dimensions 32 x 20 cm). 14 lines. Text clear and complete. On aged and somewhat grubby laid paper with Britannia and 'GATER | 1811' watermarks). Chipping and wear at head and extremities. Printed at head: 'By Sir RICHARD BICKERTON, Bart. Admiral of the White, Commander-in-Chief of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels at Spithead, and in Portsmouth Harbour, and on the Guernsey Station.' Written in a secretarial hand and signed by Bickerton and, 'By Command of the Admiral', by Hulbert.

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