[‘Britain's first recorded broadcast comedian’.] Autograph Letter Signed and Typed Letter Signed from Helena Millais to W. Macqueen-Pope, with printed press release for her show ‘Songs and Laughter’.

Helena Millais [stage name of Helena Catherine Marriott] (1886-1970), Britain's first recorded broadcast comedian, actress and writer.
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TLS: 8 August 1957. ALS: 14 August 1959. Both from 5 Riverview Gardens, Barnes, SW13 [London].

From the Macqueen-Pope papers. (See his entry in the Oxford DNB.) On 20 October 1922 Millais broadcast on 2LO radio, becoming the first comedian on what was later to become the BBC. In a performance on 21 November 1922 she became the third entertainer to appear on the week-old BBC. All three items in good condition, lightly aged, though the autograph letter has pin holes to a corner, and the typed letter rust from a paperclip. Both letters signed ‘Helena Millais’. ONE: TLS. 3pp, 12mo. Having met him ‘at various C.A.A. evenings, she asks him for advice about several books.

[ Printed pamphlet. ] The Liberal Party and Mr. Chamberlain.

W. T. Marriott, Q.C., M.P. [ Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914), English Liberal Party politician ]
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Seventeenth Thousand. With Preface. London: Chapman and Hall, Limited. 11, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, W.C. [ Printed by J. S. Virtue and Co., Limited, City Road, London. ] [ Preface dated 11 January 1884. ]

32pp., 8vo. Disbound without wrappers. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. The 'Preface to the Seventeenth Thousand' covers pp.3 and 4, and is dated 'January 11th, 1884.' The preface begins: 'Since the publication of this pamphlet, not three weeks ago, Mr. George has reappeared upon the scene, and has held up the class to which Mr. Chamberlain himself belongs to the envy and execration of the artisans of the metropolis.

[The Rochdale Canal Company.] Nine Letters to Ralph Shuttleworth, Rochdale attorney and company treasurer, and one printed form to his successor John Crossley. Including Autograph Letters Signed from Samuel Greg, John Bill and William Bilsbarrow.

[The Rochdale Canal Company; John Bill, Farley Hall; William Bilsborrow, Haslingden; Samuel Greg, Rochdale; Thomas Marriott, Stockport; John Robert Ogden, Bradford; N. & F. Phillipps, Manchester]
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The nine letters to Shuttleworth, 1800-1802, from: Farley Hall, Staffordshire; Haslingden; Halifax; Bradford; Coventry; Rochdale; Great Fenton. The letter to Crossley from Manchester in 1813.

The Rochdale Canal was conceived in 1776, and despite opposition from mill owners fearing a disruption to their water supply, began construction following the passing of an act of parliament in 1794. On completion (it was officially opened in 1804), and until the railway age, it constituted the main commercial route between Yorkshire and Lancashire. The present small collection provides an interesting sidelight into the legal and financial difficulties involved in the project, with several reference reflecting badly on Shuttleworth's professional capabilities.

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