[John Hughlings Jackson, neurologist.] Typed Draft, with Autograph emendations, of letter replying to 'Dr Osler', i.e. Sir William Osler on a proposal by him and Silas Weir Mitchell and James Jacksom Putnam, regarding reprinting his papers.

John Hughlings Jackson (1835-1911), neurologist and pioneer in the field of epilepsy [Sir William Osler (1849-1919); Silas Weir Mitchell (1829-1914) and James Jacksom Putnam (1846-1918), neurologists]
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3 Manchester Square, London; 12 February 1901.

1p, 4to. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to the blank reverse. Folded twice.Unsigned. Eighteen line typescript with a number of autograph emendations.He begins by thanking 'Dr Osler' for the letter he has sent containing a request made not only in his own name, but also in those of the American neurologists Silas Weir Mitchell (1829-1914) and James Jacksom Putnam (1846-1918), and which Jackson has 'carefully considered'. He continues: 'Many of my papers, all the old ones, are very old fashioned and are not worthy of reprint.

[Smith Ely Jelliffe, American neurologist, psychiatrist, and Freudian psychoanalyst.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Smith Ely-Jelliffe') to 'Culpin', i.e. the psychologist Millais Culpin. regarding his 'salvo' against Sir Francis Martin Rouse Walshe.

Smith Ely Jelliffe (1866-1945), American neurologist, psychiatrist, and Freudian psychoanalyst, co-founder of the Psychoanalytic Review [Sir Francis Martin Rouse Walshe; Millais Culpin]
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With stamp of address: 'Smith Ely Jelliffe, M.D. | Huletts Landing, | Washington County, N.Y.' Date stamp: 8 February 1942.

For the recipient the psychologist Millais Culpin (1874-1952), and the subject of the letter the neurologist Sir Francis Martin Rouse Walshe (1885-1973), see the Oxford DNB. 1p, 8vo. On piece of light blue graph paper, with blue ruling. In fair condition, lightly aged, with minor repairs with archival tape. Address in pencil on reverse in another hand: 'B DC | 99. Fernhill Rd, | Cowley, | Oxford.' The letter begins: 'My dear Culpin: | Bravo for your salvo vs. F. M. R. W. Naturally you could not touch the heart of his disorder, i.e. his medieval catholicism.

[Marshall Hall, celebrated physician and pioneering neurologist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Marshall Hall') to the London medical publisher John Churchill, announcing that he is 'to give up lecturing'.

Marshall Hall (1790-1857), celebrated physician and neurophysiologist [John Spriggs Morss Churchill (1801-1875), London medical publisher; Royal Society of London]
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14 Manchester Square [London]. 20 December 1838.

2pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with the text of the letter on both sides of the first leaf, and the address on the reverse of the second leaf, only half of which is present after a central vertical cut. Strip of stub from mount adhering to one edge. Folded three times. The letter is addressed, after the valediction, 'For Mr Churchill', and addressed on the second leaf to 'Mr. Churchill | Prince's Street | Soho'. The letter begins: 'Dear Sir, | I am about to give up lecturing.

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