[ United States Postal Service. ] Folder of 35 printed publicity items, including 22 issues of the 'Philatelic Release' of the 'Information Service | Post Office Department', posters for postmasters' bulletin boards,

[ United States Postal Service ]
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United States Postal Service, Washington, D.C. Dating from between 1960 and 1966.

The collection of 37 items (35 publicity items and two cables) is in good condition, in a blue card folder. The following description is divided into seven parts. ONE: 22 issues of the 'Philatelic Release' of the 'information Service | Post Office Department', dating from between 22 October 1965 and 11 June 1966. Totalling 51pp., 8vo. An incomplete run. Giving information relating to the new releases of stamps, including 'the John F.

Printed prospectus for 'The Royal Philatelic Collection. By Sir John Wilson Bt, Keeper of the King's Philatelic Collection. Editor Clarence Winchester.'

Sir John Wilson Bt, Keeper of the King's Philatelic Collection; Clarence Winchester [The Royal Philatelic Collection; the Dropmore Press]
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Published by The Viscount Kemsley at the Dropmore Press Ltd., London, England. [Printed by W. S. Cowell Ltd, at the Butter Market, Ipswich, Suffolk.] ['Published by the Gracious Permission of His Majesty King George VI'.]

Large (35 x 25 cm.) sumptuously-printed stitched pamphlet, in printed wraps. 16pp., with one additional collotype plate (stamped 'Specimen Colour Plate') and one tipped-in plate (of the binding), both coloured, and three full-page half-tone plates. Subscription form (The British Book Centre, Inc., New York), in red and black at rear. Aged and worn, with creasing to front cover. Includes three-page 'Commentary on a Unique Volume' by Winchester, and the first three pages of Wilson's text, two pages listing the contents, and specimen pages.

Interleaved 'P.P.L.' copy, annotated for official use by 'T.K.S.', of the Royal Mail 'Post Office Guide', with two years' corrections (1900-1902), abbreviations for various Post Offices, table of 'Post Towns' between 1900 and 1902, and other matter.

[Royal Mail Post Office Guide, 1899, with official annotations by 'T.K.S.'; philately; post marks; wireless telegraphy]
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'To be obtained at all Post Offices in the United Kingdom. Price Sixpence.' No. 174. 1 October 1899. [Annotations dating from between 1900 and 1902.]

8vo volume, bound up and interleaved for official use. Internally sound and tight, on aged paper; in worn black leather quarter-binding with repair to loose boards. In gilt on spine is the title 'P. P. L.', with 'T. K. S.' at the foot, and these abbreviations are also present in pencil on the title page. The printed guide has a total of 282pp: title leaf + pp.7-24, 43-44, 47-258, 261-280, 357-374. It is interleaved from p.48 to the end with 128 leaves (256pp).

Typed Letter Signed ('Aug. Dietz'), with Autograph postscript, from the American philatelist August Dietz to Henry M. W. Eastman of Roslyn, NY, regarding a work he is preparing on Confederate stamps.

August Dietz (1869-1963), American printer, philatelist, editor and publisher, authority on the postal history of the Confederate States of America [Henry Membry Western Eastman (1854-1924)]
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On letterhead of The Dietz Printing Company, Richmond, Virginia. 30 August 1919.

2pp., 8vo. Good, on lightly-aged blue paper with brown border, with slight chipping to one corner. Eastman has purchased a 'Set of Fac-Simile Die-Proofs with the Autographed Card'. Presuming that Eastman is 'interested in Confederates', Dietz is enclosing 'the tentative Foreword' to 'a far more "pretentious" work - one upon which I have been engaged for many years': 'It "promises" to make over 400 pages octavo, and I am not yet through the Manuscript.

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