[ Japanese ] One hundred vintage postcards of Japan, fifty-two of them striking and attractive photographic images, tinted in vivid colour, showing scenes of everyday life, mainly among the rural peasantry (fishing, farming, flying kites, costume)

One hundred vintage postcards of Japan [some 'Copyright, Ono-Banzaikan, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan.' and others 'TRADE MARK K.P.C. YOKOHAMA JAPAN']
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Including six postcards 'Copyright, Ono-Banzaikan, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan.' and one 'TRADE MARK K.P.C. YOKOHAMA JAPAN'. None of the others with European attribution. None dated [all early twentieth century].

A contemporary oriental album, 19 x 27cm., with oat cloth boards, green ribbon and embroidered spine, containing a beautiful collection of vintage 9 x 14cm. postcards in near-mint condition. None of the postcards has any manuscript marks or sign of postage.

[ Raphael Tuck & Sons Victorian christmas card. ] Coloured Christmas card with illustration by 'E M W' on one side, and poem by 'SAMUEL K. COWAN M.A.' on the other.

Raphael Tuck & Sons, Moorfields, London publishers known for their postcards; Samuel K. Cowan (d.1918), Irish lyricist
Publication details: 
Raphael Tuck & Sons [ London ]. 'RTS Artistic Series' and 'Series 430.' Undated [ late nineteenth century? ]

On a gilt-edged piece of card, 13 x 11.5 cm., with rounded edges. In good condition, lightly aged. The illustration by 'E M W' on one side is printed in silver, yellow, light blue, grey and brown, and shows a snowy country scene with two tiny figures beneath a shining sun on a stone bridge over a stream. Captioned 'The Joy of Christmas be in your heart.' Cowan's eight-line poem, on the other side, is printed in grey, in variety of gothic fonts. It begins: 'Only its best and brightest history | May Memory relate you!

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