[George Spencer-Churchill, 5th Duke of Marlborough ('the Profligate Duke'), bibliophile.] Autograph Note of Admittance to 'Blenheim Palace and Gardens', signed 'Marlborough', for 'Dr. Cotton', i.e. Rev. Dr Horace Salusbury Cotton, Ordinary of Newgate

George Spencer-Churchill, 5th Duke of Marlborough ['the Profligate Duke'] (1766-1840), until 1817 styled Marquis of Blandford, bibliophile [Horace Salusbury Cotton (c.1774-1846), Ordinary of Newgate]
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No date or place.

The Duke was Winston Churchill's great-great-grandfather. His library at Whiteknights Park was celebrated, and his purchase of the Valdarfer Boccaccio at the 1811 Roxburghe sale was the spur to the formation of the Roxburghe Club. Like the Duke, Cotton was a notable collector of books and autographs. He was generally considered a faintly-ridiculous figure, and condemned men were said to die 'with Cotton in their ears'. 1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged. Folded once. Reads 'Admit Dr.

[Hester Lynch Piozzi, 'Dr. Johnson's Mrs. Thrale'.] Autograph Note in the third person to Dr. Perney, inviting him to visit 'to hear Mr. Yaniewitsh [i.e. Felix Janewicz] play on the Violin'.

Mrs Piozzi (born Hester Lynch Salusbury, then Hester Lynch Thrale, then Hester Lynch Piozzi] (1741-1821), diarist and friend of Dr Samuel Johnson [Rev. Dr John Anthony Perney (1781-1827)]
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'Steatham Park | Fryday [sic] 24.' [No year.]

Autograph Note in the third person. On one of 11 x 20 cm slip of paper. In good condition, lightly aged, with stub from mount adhering to reverse. Reads: 'Mrs. Piozzi's Coms. And if Dr. Perney is disengaged this Eveng & would like to hear Mr. Yaniewitsh play on the Violin She should be happy in his Company to Tea - - - and it would be very obliging in him to bring the Viol D'Amore with him. | Streatham Park | Friday 24.' Perney was domestic chaplain to the Earl of Coventry. The violinist Felix Janewicz (1762–1848) was a Polish exile from France who made his London debut in February 1791.

[ Sir Henry Morton Stanley, African explorer associated with Dr David Livingstone. ] Magazine article titled 'Captain Salusbury's Congo "Revelations."'

Sir Henry Morton Stanley [ born John Rowlands ] (1841-1904), Welsh journalist and African explorer associated with Dr David Livingstone [ Captain Philip H. B. Salusbury ]
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Extracted from 'The United Service Magazine', London, September 1896. Reproducing a letter dated from 'Grayshott, Hants. | August 15th, 1896.'

8pp., 8vo. Paginated 645-652. In good condition, lightly aged. Extracted from the magazine and with traces of stitching. Reproducing a letter dated from 'Grayshott, Hants. | August 15th, 1896.' Stanley takes offence to 'the many ridiculous calumnies found in amost every sentence of [Salusbury's] article in your magazine'. He begins: 'I greatly regret being compelled to reply to an article in the June number of your magazine called "The Congo State: a Revelation;" but I am sure Captain Salusbury, the writer of it, must have expected me to do so.'

Autograph Letter Signed ('H S Cotton') to William Upcott (1779-1845), Secretary of the London Institution and autograph collector.

Rev. Horace Salusbury Cotton (c.1774-1846), Ordinary of Newgate Prison and autograph collector
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20 August 1830; place not stated.

One page, octavo. Very good. Docketed at head 'Ordinary of Newgate', and with small fragment of printed slip laid down in top left-hand corner (not affecting text). Reads 'My dear Sir, | A friend of mine lays claim to the Arrandale Peerage & estates - do you happen to possess any documents of any kind which can throw light upon the subject & assist him in the prosecution of his claims - He claims I believe from Lord John Johnstone who was in Newgate for Treason about the year 1700, but was never convicted - Yrs. very truly | H S Cotton'. Addressed to 'William Upcott Esq.

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