[Arethusa Gibson on Thackeray: 'Is he not a little odd?'] Autograph Letter [from her to her mother Lady Cullum], expressing uncertainty about 'Mr Thackery', mocking MP and diplomat David Urquhart, and praising the 'Turkish Chargé d'Affaires'.

Arethusa Gibson [née Susannah Arethusa Cullum] (1814-1885), society hostess, wife of Thomas Milner Gibson (1806-1884), Liberal politician [William Makepeace Thackeray; David Urquhart]
Publication details: 
No place or date, but circa 1846-1848, when Thackeray was publishing under the pseudonym 'Michael Angelo Titmarsh'. On letterhead of 'Arethusa'.

See the separate entries on the Gibsons in the Oxford DNB, which notes 'her eclectic salons, attended by diplomats, writers, politicians, and, after 1848, European exiles. Regular guests included Dickens, Thackeray, Hugo, Lady Morgan, the Disraelis, Cobden, and Louis Napoleon'. (Dickens wrote part of his last novel, 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood', at the Gibsons' London house.) The present item is from the papers of Arethusa's mother Lady Ann Cullum (1807-1875), wife of Rev. Sir Thomas Gery Cullum (1777-1855) of Hardwick House. 4pp, 12mo. Bifolium.

[ Susan Gilruth, crime writer. ] Personal album of material ("guard-book" relating to her seven crime novels, with numerous newspaper cuttings, dustwrappers, a press release, three items of fan mail.

Susan Gilruth [ born Susannah Margaret Hornsby-Wright ], crime writer
Publication details: 
[ England. Between 1951 and 1963. ]

Gilruth was the author of seven crime novels: 'Sweet Revenge' (1951), 'Death in Ambush' (1952), 'Postscript to Penelope' (1954), 'A Corpse for Charybdis' (1956), 'To this Favour' (1957), 'Drown Her Remembrance' (1961) and 'The Snake is Living Yet' (1963). The material in this collection is in good overall condition, lightly aged and worn. Most of the material is laid down on 41pp. of a 25 x 38 cm. album (ownership signature on front pastedown), with press cuttings of reviews grouped around the cut-down dustwrappers of the first six of Gilruth's books.

[Female suffrage; printed pamphlet.] The Case of Susannah Palmer.

[The Committee in favour of Amending the Law relating to the Property of Married Women] [Susannah Palmer; Alexander Ireland, Manchester printer] [women's suffrage; Victorian feminism]
Publication details: 
['Printed for the Committee in favour of Amending the Law relating to the Property of Married Women.'] 'A. Ireland & Co., Printers, Manchester.' [1869.]

8pp., 12mo. Drophead title, beneath heading: 'Printed for the Committee in favour of Amending the Law relating to the Property of Married Women.' In good condition, lightly-aged, no wraps, disbound. The last three paragraphs, relating to Palmer's incarceration at Newgate, have been crossed through (but are still entirely legible), indicating that the present copy was distributed after her release. Begins: 'THE following case was reported in the Times, of the 15th January, 1869:- | CENTRAL CRIMINAL COURT, JAN. 14. | OLD COURT. | (Before Mr.

[The Chester Vale coffee plantation, Jamaica, owned by the Breon family.] Six sets of manuscript accounts, four for Edmund Breon; one for Thomas Cockburn, guardian of Miss Elizabeth Susanna Breon; and one for her husband Colin McLarty, MD.

[The Chester Vale coffee plantation, Jamaica; Edmund Breon, proprietor; his daughter Elizabeth Susanna Breon; her husband Colin McLarty; Thomas Cockburn of Cockburn, Robertson & Vassall, solicitors]
Publication details: 
Kingston, Jamaica. 1785, 1787, 1789, 1791, 1792, 1795.

Chester Vale, a substantial estate of 1420 acres, paid taxes on 124 slaves in 1801. McLarty (d.1844) was Physician-General for Surrey (Jamaica), and several letters written by him from the island are in the National Library of Scotland, and are quoted in Alan L Karras's 'Sojourners in the Sun: Scottish Migrants in Jamaica and the Chesapeake, 1740-1800' (Cornell, 1992). In 1794 he acquired Chester Vale on his marriage to Elizabeth Susanna Breon, whose father Edmund Breon had died in 1792, leaving her the ward of the solicitor Thomas Cockburn.

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