[Printed magazine.] 'Sherlock Holmes Centenary' issue of John o'London's Weekly, with contributions by S. C. Roberts, Bernard Darwin, Frank Swinnerton, Anthony Howlett and Michael Pointer, and Winifred Paget.

S. C. Roberts; Bernard Darwin; Frank Swinnerton; Anthony Howlett; Michael Pointer, Winifred Paget [John o'London's Weekly; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Sidney Paget; Sherlock Holmes Centenary]
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London: George Newnes Limited, Tower House, Southampton Street, Strand, WC2. 19 February 1954.

24pp., 8vo, paginated 161-184. In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Roberts contributes 'The Cult of Sherlock'; Frank Swinnerton, 'Holmes - World Figure'; Darwin, 'The Great Holmes Joke'; Howlett and Pointer, 'Holmes on Stage and Screen'; Paget, 'He made Holmes real' ('In this article Winifred Paget writes of her father, Sidney Paget, whose drawings, says Frank Swinnerton on another page, made Holmes "the most universally familiar imaginary figure in two hemispheres'.

Autograph Letter Signed from the Welsh antiquary Octavius Morgan, discussing in detail a watch by Johann Sayller of Ulm in the possession of the unnamed recipient of the letter, and the evils of modern restoration of clocks and watches.

Octavius Morgan [Charles Octavius Swinnerton Morgan] (1803-1888), Welsh antiquary and Conservative Member of Parliament for Monmouth [Johann Sayller of Ulm; clocks and watches; watchmaking]
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9 Pall Mall [London]. 21 June 1861.

3pp., 12mo. 52 lines. Fair, on lightly-aged paper. He thanks him for sending for his 'inspection the old watch which is a nice specimen', but would have been of more interest had it been left in its original condition'. He describes the alterations, and his reasons for believing that they were 'done by a French man, & I should think prior to the time of your late Brother'. Morgan possesses a watch by Sayller, and he 'once saw an extremely curious & beautiful clock of his in a case of silver'.

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