[ Edmond Warre, Head Master of Eton College. ] Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Hugh' (a former pupil?), sending 'the usual Certificate', discussing his father's ill health, and with mention of 'Cyril' and the Hampton Court Tapestry.

Edmond Warre (1837-1920), successively Provost and Head Master of Eton College, and outstanding rower
Publication details: 
Eton (on his monogrammed letterhead); 8 October 1882.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. He is sending 'the usual Certificate', and is sorry to hear of the recipient's father's accident. 'How did he do it? I hope he will have no ill effects from it.' He asks to be remembered to his mother. 'Cyril is staying out with a Cold to day but not much the matter.' He concludes: 'I hope you will get through the Exam all right at Balliol. Come & see us on yr way down'. A postscript refers to 'the Hampton Court Tapestry "The Fates" 3 pieces', and ends with a Latin quotation.

[King's College, Cambridge.] Three Autograph Letters Signed ('J. Fred. E. Faning') from James Frederick Edmund Faning, regarding the loan of a tapestry by Lawrence W. Hodson, with reference to the Dean M. R. James and a visit by Lord Kitchener.

James Frederick Edmund Faning (1849-1928) [Lawrence William Hodson (1865-1934) of Compton Hall; Montagu Rhodes James [M. R. James] (1862-1936), Provost of Eton and of King's College, Cambridge]
Publication details: 
All three letters from 1 Addenbrooke Place, Cambridge. 1 August, 23 October and 27 November 1898.

The three items on 12mo bifoliums, and totalling 9pp., 12mo. All three in good condition, on lightly aged paper. The first and last letters in envelopes, with stamps and postmarks, addressed to Hodson at Compton Hall, with the third forwarded to North Wales. ONE (1 August 1898): 2 pp., 12mo. The college authorities have instructed Faning to thank Hodson for his 'kind offer to lend them the "Chapel piece" of your Tapestry and to say that they will be glad to avail themselves of it in October.

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