['John William Calcraft' (stage name of John William Cole), actor and lessee of the Theatre Royal, Dublin.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'J. W. Calcraft'), regarding debts and plans for productions.

'John William Calcraft' [stage name of John William Cole (c.1793-1870)], actor, dramatist and lessee of the Theatre Royal, Dublin
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4 March 1847 and 31 January 1848. Both from the Theatre Royal, Dublin.
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Both letters 2pp, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Cole's handwriting is difficult. The recipient is not named. The first letter, 34 lines long, concerns a bill which Cole has drawn on the recipient of the letter. It is coming due, and he is uncertain whether it is for £90 or £100. He asks him to withhold payment for a while, as 'Lent is always a dead time with me'. He is 'going to try the experiment of Mr Butter for 6 nights', and has 'good hopes of the result'. The second letter begins: 'My dear Sir | I have made most liberal offers to Farren, Mrs. Nesbitt & Mr. Glen, as Mr Lee will tell you, & with the exception of the old lady, none of the parties appear to have the least consideration or wish to accommodate or help a manager who pays them so liberally as you do - It is not I am sorry to say an uncommon case.' The latter part of the letter is not easily read, but concludes: 'I sincerely hope the Keans & the Wife's Secret are showing you full houses.'