Autograph Letter Signed from Mrs Mary Bayly, describing to 'Mrs. Barrow' the ill-health that prevents her from accepting her invitation to take part in 'Temperance Work'.

Mrs Mary Bayly, missionary; founder of 'Mothers' Society', 1853, author of 'Ragged Homes and How to mend them' (1859), temperance campaigner with her husband Captain George Bayly of Trinity House
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5 Kempshott Road, Streatham Common. 15 February [no year].
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3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with minor traces of glue from mount. It would give her 'very much pleasure' to accept the invitation 'to join you & other dear workers in the Temperance Work you are planning for April, but I am sorry to say at present I am quite liad aside from all work'. She describes how she has been ill since the previous October. She is now regaining strength, and is going into the country and will probably 'remain away for 2 or 3 months[.] The doctors speak hopefully of entire recovery so that I may hope some day to be at work again, but I am afraid the next 6 months will have to be spent in much idleness'. She sitll has the 'sweet privildege [sic] of remember & praying for those who are carrying on the great mission', and she will 'bear your meetings in mind'. Signed 'Mary Bayly'.