[Shelagh Maitland, artist's model.] Autograph Letter Signed, offering her services to the Duchess of Kent, stating she has worked for Lord Plunkett, Cathleen Mann, Simon Elwes, Sir John Lavery, T. C. Dugdale, David Jagger. With risqué autograph poem.

Shelagh Maitland, artist's model [Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent [Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark] (1906-1968); Cathleen Mann; Simon Elwes; Sir John Lavery; T. C. Dugdale; David Jagger]
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40 Queensborough Terrace, W8 [London]. 19 July 1938.
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Both items are in an envelope addressed to the Duchess at 3 Belgrave Square. The envelope and its contents are on aged and creased paper. LETTER: 2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Knowing that the Duchess is 'a well-known artist', she is offering her 'services as a model'. 'I was permanent model to the late Lord Plunket [sic] and have been painted by Cathleen Mann, Simon Elwes, Sir John Lavery, T. C. Dugdale, David Jagger and several other well-known painters.' She describes her appearance and asks to be granted an interview. POEM: 2pp., 12mo. In pencil. Unsigned, but clearly by Maitland. Incomplete: the first fifteen lines only. With a few minor emendations suggesting authorship. It is hard to believe that this poem, written in a Gilbert & Sullivan style, can have been included with the letter. The first of four stanzas reads: 'The portions of a woman that appeals to mens depravity | Is fashioned with considerable care | And what appears to you to be a simple little cavity | Is really a most elaborate affair.' The fragment ends: 'There's the vulva, the vagina, the jelly perineum | The hymen that is sometimes found in brides | And lots of little you would love if you could find them [...]'.