[ Walter Crane, Arts and Crafts artist. ] Autograph Letter Signed to J. Stanley Little, with thirteen examples of Crane's work, including invitation cards, handbills, letterheads.

Walter Crane (1845-1915), English illustrator, designer and painter, associated with the Arts and Craft Society, Fabian Society and Art Workers' Guild [ James Stanley Little (1856-1940) ]
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13 Holland Street, Kensington, and other London addresses. 1886 to 1912.
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The fourteen items are laid down on three pages, on two leaves of grey paper, removed from an album, on the reverse of one leaf are two coloured coaching scenes by Randolph Caldecott, one featuring a highwayman. The overall condition is fair, with creasing and signs of age. The Autograph Letter Signed is from Crane to 'My dear Stanley Little'. 1p., landscape 8vo. With letterhead of Beaumont Lodge, Shepherd's Bush, featuring an illustration by Crane of a shepherd and sheep. 20 September 1892. He is sending a copy of his 'Claims of Decorative Art', and hopes that, 'as one who has thought & written much on art', he will 'accept it as a contribution from my side the question, or at least as "Friendship's Offering".' (As an imperialist, Little's politics were opposed to Crane's.) He asks him to 'look for us at No 13 Holland St. Kensington, when you are next in town'. In a postscript he states: 'The good wife is away in Essex with the two boys, but returns at the week's end.' On the same page are six items with decorations apparently by Crane: first, a label for 'The Pioneer', printed in sepia, with space for 'Number | Contents | Price', showing a knight climbing up dense foliage to a languid lady; second, a label or bookplate for the 'A E & C S | Handicraft | Design', with the name supported by two women in revolutionary caps, each flanked by a cherub; third, another example of the Beaumont Lodge letterhead ; fourth and fifth, two copies of a strange tiny design of an African hunter with spear before a setting sun, printed in negative on grey paper; sixth, a tiny monogram (perhaps 'L J S'?), made by a snake and printed in red. The next page carries a season ticket, with design by Crane of two workmen shaking hands, for the 1906 Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society at the Royal Academy, made out in manuscript to 'The West Sussex Gazette'. The third page carries six items: first, a printed handbill advertising 'The Leek Press Papers: No. I. | The Relation of Art to Education and Social Life by Walter Crane | Twenty-eight pages in wrapper.' With two vignettes, the first, of two country folk with ten geese; the second of a peacock. The reverse advertises a 'Catalogue of a Collection of Designs by Walter Crane A.R.W.S., with vignette of stork and lettering by Crane. Carries two close tears repaired with archival tape. Second, printed in red, an invitation card designed by Crane, to the Old House, 13 Holland St: 'Dame Walter Crane bids you welcome on New Year's Day [1912] in the evening at nine thirty'. Third, Crane's autograph signature, cut from the valediction to a letter: 'Every yours | Walter Crane'. Fourth, a handbill advertisement for 'The Fabian Society | Session, 1886-1887', with design by Crane of female forms representing Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. The 'Executive' are named as Annie Besant, Hubert Bland, Edward R. Pease, Frank Podmore, G. Bernard Shaw, Sidney Webb and Charlotte M. Wilson'. Fifth, an invitation card, printed in brown, to the private view of the fifth Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society, 3 October 1896, at the New Gallery, 121 Regent Street. Made out to J. Stanley Little of the African Review. Featuring the same design as above of the two workers shaking hands. Sixth, letterhead, printed in red, for 13 Holland Street, Kensington, W. Featuring a design of a crane by Crane. Heavily creased.