[ Henry Montagu Butler, headmaster of Harrow School and Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. ] Signed Letter ('H Montagu Butler'), written out by a secretary, to Professor Langley, referring him to one of his works.

Henry Montagu Butler (1833-1918), headmaster of Harrow School (1859-85), Dean of Gloucester (1885-86); Master of Trinity College (1886-1918); Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University (1889-90)
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On letterhead of Trinity Lodge, Cambridge. 24 August 1904.
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4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, with light signs of age. At head of first page: 'Dictated'. He refers him to 'the second Chapter of the book I published some years ago, which deals with the subject on which we conversed the other night at dinner'. The amanuensis has written that the chapter deals with 'some of the reflections on matters ethereal', and Butler has corrected this to 'some reflections on matters Aesthetical'. Butler has also added the words 'more clearly, though I fear' after the word 'puts' in the following: 'it puts at much greater length'. He ends by stating that he is sending him a copy of his 'Address'.