[ Steamship in Greek War of Independence. ] Autograph Letter Signed by Nicholas Robilliard, and Autograph Note Signed by Thomas Whitmore, concerning the Karteria: 'the Man of War Steam-ship (supposed to be built & fitting for the Greek Committee)'.

Nicholas Robilliard; Thomas Whitmore [ London Greek Committee; Greek War of Independence ]
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Both Letters dated 8 December 1825. Robilliard's letter without place; Whitmore's note from the Custom House [ London ].
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The subject is clearly the Karteria, the first steam-powered warship to see active service. The Karteria was built in 1825 for the Greek insurgentsd by Daniel Brent Shipwrights in the Greenland South Dockyard, Rotherhithe, London. It was financed mainly from the proceeds of the 2nd Greek Loan raised by the London Philhellenic Committee, but also from the private funds of Captain Frank Abney Hastings. Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE: Robilliard to 'Thos Whitmore Esq | Secretary &c &c &c'. 1p., 4to. Headed 'Confidential'. Signed 'Nis Robilliard'. The author may be the individual by this name who was a merchant and Jurat of Alderney. He informs Whitmore that 'the Man of War Steam-ship (supposed to be built & fitting for the Greek Committee) is in a forward state, & may be ready for Sea in few days'. He goes on to state that no application has been made 'for a Register for her, but she may be navigated under a foreign flag'. He concludes with the news that the work 'on some of the other Vessels is stop't - (it is said) till the spring'. TWO: Whitmore to unnamed individual. 1p., 12mo. Signed 'T Whitmore'. Simply enclosing Robilliard's letter, 'respecting the Steam Vessel supposed to be built & fitting for the Greek Committee'.