Programme for the Savoy Theatre production of 'The Emerald Isle or, The Caves of Carric-Cleena' ('New and Original Comic Opera, in Two Acts'), 'Written by Basil Hood. Composed by Arthur Sullivan and Edward German.'

Sir Arthur Sullivan; Edward German; Basil Hood; François Arsène Cellier; Richard Barker; the Savoy Theatre, London [ Gilbert and Sullivan ]
Publication details: 
The Savoy Theatre, London. [ 1901 ] Printed by J. Miles & Co., Ltd., Wardour Street, W. [ London ]

Printed on both sides of a 21.5 x 28.5 cm piece of thick paper, folded into a 21.5 x 9.5 cm packet, with three panels on the outside and a single page of text within. A nice piece of Savoy Theatre ephemera. Text in purple, with gilt borders, except on the front cover, and with 'The Ancient Arms of the Savoy' in gilt, black, green and orange. In fair condition, lightly aged and ruckled. Two panels of advertisements on the outside, with the programme on the inside also flanked by advertisements.

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