[ George Christoph Eimmart, German engraver, and his daughter Maria Clara Eimmart, astronomer. ] Autograph Signatures ('Georg: Christoph: Eimmart' and 'Marie Claire Eimmart') with improving autograph quotations in Latin and French.

Georg Christoph Eimmart the younger (1638-1705), German draftsman, engraver, and astronomer; his daughter Maria Clara Eimmart (1676-1707), astronomer, engraver and designer [ Riedener ]
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Both dated from Nuremburg. G. C. Eimmart's autograph on 12 May 1699; M. C. Eimmart's autograph on 27 April 1699.

Each on one side of a 9.5 x 13.5cm piece of paper. Both in fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. G. C. Eimmart's autograph headed by a four-line quotation in Latin beginning: 'Omnes probi viri actiones ad sua intima vergunt'. Signed: 'in Gonorem | Nobilissimi

Holograph extract of a translation from the German of Wieland's 'Oberon' by the English poet William Sotheby, beginning 'Sweet Isle! methinks once more I hear'.

William Sotheby (1757-1833), English poet and translator [Christoph Martin Wieland, German author of 'Oberon']
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No place. 26 September 1804.

1p., 8vo. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with traces of previous mounting along two edges. Headed, in a contemporary hand: 'Given to Mrs. Richards by Miss Calhoun Fanshawe'. 22 lines of verse, in couplets. Signed in the bottom right-hand corner, apparently at a later date than the rest of the text: 'William Sothbey | Sepr 26 - 1804'. The extract - possibly written out by Sotheby for an acquaintance - begins: 'Sweet Isle!

Autograph Note Signed ('Anneliese'), to 'liebe Liesel', on reverse of photographic portrait postcard.

Anneliese Rothenberger (born 1924), German operatic lyric soprano
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Dimensions roughly 14 x 9 cm. Very good. The photograph, captioned 'Anneliese Rothenberger', is a head and shoulders shot of a smiling Rothenberger. The note on the reverse, in green ink, reads 'dir, liebe Liesel, alles ! | diese | [signed] Anneliese | 1956'.

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