[Colonel Sir Anthony Coningham Sterling of the Highland Brigade, Scottish soldier and military historian.] First four pages of Autograph Letter to 'Maclean', describing his efforts to obtain a commission for Maclean's 'Young friend'.

Colonel Sir Anthony Coningham Sterling (1805–1871), Scottish soldier who distinguished himself during the Crimean War and Indian Mutiny, author of 'The Highland Brigade in the Crimea'
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3 South Place, Knightsbridge. 1 November 1856.

4pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Evidently incomplete: the first part only of a long letter. Begins: 'My dear Maclean | I have it not in my heart to put forward an excuse for very long silence, beyond an amount of employment the like of which I have never had thrown upon me before, for many years.' He hopes to see him, but leaves that night 'for the North on a tour of inspection'.

[ Oxford University ephemera.] Examination certificate 'in Literis Humanioribus in tribus libris et in SS. Evangeliis' for Robert Hutchison of Exeter College, signed by moderators John Coningham, North Pinder, Henry Fanshawe Tozer and David B. Monro.

John Conington (1825-69), Corpus Christi Professor of Latin Literature at the University of Oxford; Henry Fanshawe Tozer (1829-1916); North Pinder; David Binning Monro (1836-1905) [ Robert Hutchison ]
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[ University of Oxford. ] 'Die 5to Mensis Decris. Anni 1866'. [ 5 December 1866. ]

On one side of a 10.5 x 16.5 cm slip of grey paper. In fair condition, creased and lightly-aged. Reads (with manuscript text in square brackets): '[Hutchison Robertus e Coll. Exon.] | Die [5to] Mensis [Decris.] Anni [1866] | prout Statuta requirunt Examinatus in Literis Humanioribus in tribus libris et in SS. Evangeliis satisfecit nobis Moderatoribus. | Ita testatur { [J Conington | N. Pinder | H F. Tozer | David B. Monro] } Moderatores in literarum Graecarum et Latinarum Schola.' Thorley's1874-5 Lit. Hum. mark-book appears to be the earliest extant.

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