[William Heberden, Physician-in-Ordinary to George III.] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. Heberden') on putting 'Dr Halloran's proposal' on administering arsenic to the king to the mad-doctors Robert Darling Willis, Thomas Monro and Samuel Foart Simmons.

William Heberden the younger (1767-1845) [the madness of King George III; Robert Darling Willis; Thomas Monro; Samuel Foart Simmons; William Saunders Hallaran]
Publication details: 
Pall Mall [London]. 7 November [no year, but between 1810 and 1820].

The present item dates from the final period of the king's mental instability, 1810-1820. Heberden – the son of the 'father of rheumatology' William Heberden the elder (1710-1801) – had been appointed Physician-Extraordinary to the queen in 1795, and by 1809 was Physician-in-Ordinary to both queen and king.

[ Oxford University ephemera.] Examination certificate 'in Literis Humanioribus in tribus libris et in SS. Evangeliis' for Robert Hutchison of Exeter College, signed by moderators John Coningham, North Pinder, Henry Fanshawe Tozer and David B. Monro.

John Conington (1825-69), Corpus Christi Professor of Latin Literature at the University of Oxford; Henry Fanshawe Tozer (1829-1916); North Pinder; David Binning Monro (1836-1905) [ Robert Hutchison ]
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[ University of Oxford. ] 'Die 5to Mensis Decris. Anni 1866'. [ 5 December 1866. ]

On one side of a 10.5 x 16.5 cm slip of grey paper. In fair condition, creased and lightly-aged. Reads (with manuscript text in square brackets): '[Hutchison Robertus e Coll. Exon.] | Die [5to] Mensis [Decris.] Anni [1866] | prout Statuta requirunt Examinatus in Literis Humanioribus in tribus libris et in SS. Evangeliis satisfecit nobis Moderatoribus. | Ita testatur { [J Conington | N. Pinder | H F. Tozer | David B. Monro] } Moderatores in literarum Graecarum et Latinarum Schola.' Thorley's1874-5 Lit. Hum. mark-book appears to be the earliest extant.

[Edward Marsh, editor.] Unbound [proof?] sheets of the rare 1923 edition on fine paper of 'Georgian Poetry 1913-1915'

Edward Marsh [Sir Edward Howard Marsh (1872-1953)], editor of 'Georgian Poetry' [Harold Monro (1879-1932), proprietor of the Poetry Bookshop, London; Rupert Brooke; Walter de la Mare; D. H. Lawrence]
Publication details: 
The Poetry Bookshop, 35 Devonshire St. Theobalds Rd. London W.C. 1923. [Printed by W. H. SMITH & SON, The Arden Press, Stamford Street, London, S.E.1.]

[10] + 244 + [2]pp., 8vo, consisting of sixteen loose signatures, unstitched and unbound, wrapped in a piece of green paper on which is written in pencil 'Group 2 | Special'. Very good, on lightly-aged 'Holbein' wove paper. Each signature with uncut edges, and with only the first four of the eight leaves opened.

Number Four in the series of Christmas cards printed by the Favil Press for the Poetry bookshop, containing the poem 'The Curate's Christmas Eve' by Monro, and two coloured engravings by Stewart, one entitled 'Decorations'.

Harold Monro (1879-1932); Alistair Stewart; The Favil Press; The Poetry Bookshop
Publication details: 
No date [circa 1928]. Printed 'by The Favil Press, 152 Church Street, Kensington, W.8 and published, in collaboration with the printers, by The Poetry Bookshop, 38 Great Russell Street, London, W.C.1.'

Printed on one side of a piece of paper roughly 46 x 32 cm, folded twice to make a 23 x 16 cm card. Good, on lightly aged and spotted paper. On the front is a small illustration in green and black, roughly 7.5 x 6 cm, showing a picture of a domestic Christmas interior in an ivy-topped frame. Inside the card, on the left-hand page, is Monro's poem, of 18 lines arranged in three stanzas, beginning, 'The Curate and the Spinster sit.

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