][ Thomas Orby Dundas, M.P. for Winchelsea, Lord of the Admiralty. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Thos. Orby Hunter') stating mortgage terms, with two memoranda in the case 'Creuzer v. Bishop of London', one signed 'W. Graves'.

Thomas Orby Hunter (c.1716-1769), of Crowland, Lincolnshire, and Waverley Abbey, Surrey, Member of Parliament for Winchelsea and a Lord of the Admiralty [Gibbs Crawfurd; Creuzer v. Bishop of London]
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Admiralty [ London ]. 18 March 1762.

1p., 4to. Bifolium. On aged and worn paper. Hunter's letter, on the recto of the first leaf, reads: 'I write you this letter to inform you, that I agree to the proposal you made to me yesterday, that the growing Interest on the Mortgage shall be four and a half Per Cent, to Comence [sic] from the dates the last payments were due upon.' On the reverse of the first leaf are two memoranda in the court case 'Creuzer agst. Bp, London'. The first, signed by 'W. Graves', states that 'This paper Writing was produced & shewn to Mr. Richd. Burn at the time of swearing his Afft. in this Cause the 10th.

[Georg Friedrich Creuzer.] Printed item: 'Oratio de Civitate Athenarum Omnis Humanitatis Parente, qua Literarum Graecarum Cathedram. In Academia Leidensi. Auspicaturus erat.'

Frederici Creuzeri, Graecarum Latinarumque Literarum in Academia Heidelbergensis Professoris P. O. [Georg Friedrich Creuzer (1771-1858), German philologist and archaeologist]
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Lugduni Batavorum apud van Laar et Herdingh, 1809.

[6] + 66pp., 8vo. Disbound. In fair condition, on aged and spotted paper. Creuzer's work was controversial. He was attacked by Johann Gottfried Jakob Hermann, Johann Heinrich Voss and Christian Lobeck, and praised by Hegel.

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