[ Jack Bilbo, German émigré artist and author. ] Typed Note Signed to the theatrical bookseller Barry Duncan ('Barry'), with reference to a 'round-the-world trip'.

Jack Bilbo (1907-1967), German artist and author, who fled the Nazis to set up the Modern Art Gallery in London
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On letterhead: 'on board M.Y. BAMBULA' 28 August 1948.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The letterhead features a pirate flag, prinnted in red, blue and black, with a shark and skull and crossbones. He thanks him for a catalogue, adding that he will be 'dropping in' to see him 'before I leave on my round-the-world trip in a few weeks' time'.

[ Douglas Woodruff and Dr Max Bindermann ] Typed Letter Signed from Woodruff to Bindermann, defending the Tablet's position on the Hungary; with typed article by Bindermann on the Habsburgs and Fascist Fatherland Front; and autograph notes by him.

Douglas Woodruff (1897-1978), editor of 'The Tablet', London Roman Catholic newspaper; Dr Max Bindermann, Viennese lawyer and socialist, an emigré in London
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Woodruff's letter on letterhead of The Tablet, London. 6 November 1939. Bindermann's article undated (but in response to one in the Tablet, 11 November 1939). Some notes dated 27 February 1940.

The three items in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. ONE: TLS by 'Douglas Woodruff'. 1p., 4to. The letter begins testily: 'Dear Sir, | I was rather puzzled to receive your letter in the form of a carbon copy. As you may imagine, we are not fond of letters that are circulated. I have now read it in Truth, although presumably the opening paragraph refers to the Tablet.

Manuscript diaries for 1794, 1797 and 1798

David Boley (or Bolay) [TRAVEL EXPENSES IN IRELAND pre-1800]
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(London) 1794, 1797, 1798

The financial diaries of a Frenchman (rentier) living in England, possibly displaced by the French Revolution. Diaries in French, covers in poor condition, contents good. Comprising: The Kentish Companion: or, useful Memorandum and Accompt Book, 1773 [1794]; Kearsley's Gentleman and Tradesman's Pocket Ledger, 1797; and The Daily Journal; or, Gentleman's, Merchant's and Tradesman's Complete Annual Accompt Book. Address entered in first volume: Hereford Street, London. Contents: record of income and expenditure with information about investments.

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