[Woodford Wells Football Club.] Printed handbill by 'A. H. Tozer, Hon. Sec. & Treasurer', listing club officials, with a circular letter regarding the annual general meeting and details of the 'Playing Season' and 'Club Uniform'.

A. H. Tozer, Hon. Sec. & Treasurer, Woodford Wells Football Club [Epping Forest]
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Handbill headed: 'Woodford Wells Football Club. | Season 1872-3.' Tozer's letter dated from Ivy Lodge, Woodford, 2 October 1872.

1p., 12mo. On aged and creased paper, with discoloration to one edge affecting a few words of text. Names of the club president, captain, vice-captain and members of the committee are given at the head, followed by Tozer's circular letter, discussing the AGM to be held at the Traveller's Rest Inn, Woodford Wells.

Fourteen Diaries 1904-1918 (Letts Rough Diary or Letts Clerical Diary), week per two pages.

Rev. Prebendary Harry Freeman of Pitminster Vicarage, Taunton, son-in-law of the Bishop of Truro, James Elstone.
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Good condition. Paper Boards. A difficult hand. Diary entries variable in length, many full, some days blank. The Diaries chronicle his life at the Church of Holy Trinity (in.c football for Coventry City and Stoke), and the years (some First World War) serving his father-in-law, the Bishop of Truro. Subjects: [1904] services; journeys; preaching; litany; helping parishioner write letter; sermons; finances; schools; dinners; meetings; asked to play for Coventry City (1904", 'to raise tone of the team'); travels - mainly local (walking distance to Stoke, Rugby etc - initially c.

Six manuscript record and minute books of the St. Alban Club for young men, Plumstead, filled with references to football and cricket, and containing a number of newspaper cuttings and items of printed ephemera.

[The St. Alban Club, Woolwich; St Alban's (Plumstead) Football Club; Hugh Lambert Ogle, Vicar of Plumstead; Edwardian football and cricket]
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St. Alban's, Plumstead. 1902, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908.

In six 'Boudoir' diaries (printed by Joseph Mead, London), of uniform format and layout, but in different colours. Very good, on aged paper, with slight damp damage to a couple of the worn bindings. Although containing numerous entries, the volumes are by no means completely full of entries: there are none, for example, beyond March in the 1907 volume, or beyond Apirl in the 1908 one. Of interest is the club's proximity to the Manor Ground, Plumstead, home until 1913 of the Woolwich Arsenal F.C.

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