[ Richard Bentley the younger. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed to Sir Ambrose Heal, 're Writing Masters' and Buckinghamshire local history. With presentation copy of 'Some Stray Notes upon Slough and Upton collected from Various Sources'.

Richard Bentley the younger (1854-1936), London publisher and antiquary [ Sir Ambrose Heal (1872-1959) furniture designer and proprietor of a celebrated London store, Heal's of Tottenham Court Road ]
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Both letters on letterheads of Upton, Slough, Bucks. 4 May 1927 and 4 June 1928. Book limited to 200 copies: 'Privately Printed | 1892'.

All three items are in good condition, lightly aged. Both letters are signed 'Richard Bentley'. ONE (ALS, 4 May 1927): 2pp., landscape 12mo. Annotated by Heal at head of first page: 're Writing Masters'. Begins: 'My dear Sir | I thought you MUST have the mezzo of Tomkins! The private schools being adjacent to that of St. Pauls is hardly accidental? It would seem to imply a connection of duties (though not of schools.) and in former times people lived close to their work. No railways – no omnibuses even then. Stage Coaches, pre-Palmer, also slow'.

[ Sir Ambrose Heal, furniture designer. ] Autograph volume listing 'Booksellers in Paternoster Row', with his bookplate. With pamphlet by Robert Bagster: 'The Centenary of the First Pocket Reference Bible, Issued by Samuel Bagster 1812'

Sir Ambrose Heal (1872-1939), furniture designer and proprietor of Heal's in Tottenham Court Road [ Samuel Bagster & Sons, Paternoster Row, London ]
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Sir Ambrose Heal's autograph list is without date and place. Robert Bagster's pamphlet published by Samuel Bagster and Sons Limited, 15, Paternoster Row, London [ 1912 ].

Neatly bound in 12mo red cloth volume with 'BOOKSELLERS IN PATERNOSTER ROW' in gilt on spine. In good condition, lightly aged. Heal's slight list, in alphabetical order, is neatly written out on 13pp. Underlining his interest in the area to which the volume relates, Heal's elegant and restrained bookplate ('A H | LONDON') features the dome of St Paul's. Bound in at the rear of the volume is Robert Bagster's sixteen-page pamphlet, titled 'The Centenary of the First Pocket Reference Bible | Issued by Samuel Bagster 1812', with drophead title 'An Account of the Publishing House of Bagster'.

Two Typed Letters Signed to G. K. Menzies, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Sir Ambrose Heal [Heal's Department Store]
Publication details: 
7 October 1918 and 15 May 1919; both on letterhead of Heal & Son Ltd. 195 to 198 Tottenham Court Road, London.

Art historian, designer and founder of department store (1872-1959). Both items very good though somewhat dusty. One docketed and both bearing the Society's stamp. ITEM ONE (one page, quarto, 7 October 1918). He encloses (not present) a letter he has received from a woman named Evelyn James. 'I do not know what facilities you have for getting publicity but Miss James has done a good deal of this kind of thing and done it very well. She is a thoroughly capable young woman.' Her help may be sought regarding the meeting on 28 October.

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