[ Lord William Bentinck, Governor-General of India. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W Bentinck'), as Governor of Madras, to John Heaton, describing in detail how he hopes to improve on 'the Fortune which I may make in India'.

Lord William Bentinck [ Lord William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck] (1774-1839), army officer, diplomat, and Governor-General of India
Publication details: 
Fort St George [ Madras, India ]. 6 January 1806.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on aged paper. The letter begins: 'It would very materially improve my future income if the Fortune which I may make in India could be vested in the Funds during their date of Depression which I take for granted will be the consequence of the War upon the Continent – This my wish that £30000 Thirty thousand Pounds should be laid out in the Stocks if they should fall below 57.

[ Louis de Rougemont, 'colonial Munchausen' in Australia. ] Autograph Letter Signed to Sub-Lieutenant Sidney R. Conson, RN.

Louis de Rougemont [ born Henri Louis Grin ] (1847-1921), hoaxer, 'colonial Munchausen' claiming adventures in Australia
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13 Bloomsbury Street, London W.C. 19 April 1899.

1p., 12mo. In good condition. He thanks him for his 'very kind note', but regrets that 'owing to my being engaged on a lecturing tour for some time to come I am at present unable to fix a date to avail myself of your invitation'. He hopes to be able to do so when 'free from my appointments'. For information on de Rougemont', see B. G. Andrews's entry on him in the Dictionary of Australian Biography. Born in Switzerland, at around the age of sixteen 'he became a footman to the actress Fanny Kemble, touring extensively and learning fluent English.

[Robert Grosvenor, 1st Marquess of Westminster.] Autograph Note Signed ('Grosvenor'), undertaking to match the Earl of Wilton's contribution of fifty pounds to the Metropolitan Society.

Robert Grosvenor (1767-1845), 1st Marquess of Westminster [2nd Earl Grosvenor], politician and landowner [Earl of Wilton; Metropolitan Society]
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Heaton House [Cheshire]. 21 October 1811.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Reads: 'Sir | I have been requested by the Earl of Wilton, who is indisposed, to say that he shall be glad to contribute fifty Pounds to the Metropolitan Society & I shall be happy to do the same, & am, Sir | Yr obedt. Servt. | Grosvenor'.

Signed ('J. Henniker Heaton') Letter, in a secretarial hand, to A. M. Tapp.

Sir John Henniker Heaton (1848-1914), English Member of Parliament and postal reformer [Post Office]
Publication details: 
9 July 1891; on embossed House of Commons letterhead.

12mo: 3 pp. Good, but with the leaves of the bifolium separated, and reattached with three tissue mounts. 'It is impossible to trace the obstructiveness of the Postal department to any particular officials; they stand shoulder to shoulder, defiant and impenetrable, like a square of infantry'. Nevertheless Heaton has 'succeeded in getting some reforms of importance inserted in the Post Office Acts Amendment Bill'. Mentions 'permission to send circulars in unclosed envelopes' and briefly discusses the postage of newspapers to the Colonies.

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