[ Alfred Emmott, 1st Baron Emmott. ] Autograph Card Signed ('Alfred Emmott') to 'Holdsworth', undertaking to present a petition to the House of Commons.

Alfred Emmott (1858-1926), 1st Baron Emmott, Oldham cotton magnate and Liberal politician
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On letterhead of Horton, Chipping Sodbury. 9 April 1904.

In good condition, with slight crease to one corner. Informing him that he will be 'very glad to present your petition when the House re-opens'.

Autograph Letter Signed from the New York journalist Manton Marble to Samuel Dana Horton, hoping for the pleasure of a 'Monetary Confference'.

Manton Marble (1834-1917), American journalist, editor of the New York World [Samuel Dana Horton (1844-1895), writer on bimetallism]
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'<Warmley's?> - Wash[ingto]n'. 29 November 1885.

1p., 4to. Good, on lightly-aged paper. He has found Horton's 'card, & address' on returning from dinner, and is sorry to miss the chance of seeing him, 'but I return to New York in the limited train in the morning.' He hopes Horton will be in New York before he returns to Ohio, 'and that you will give me the pleasure of a "Monetary Conference". Marble shared Horton's interests, also in 1885 he went to Europe as a delegate to the Bi-Metallic Congress.

Five items relating to Horton's application for permission to operate a wireless telegraph, including his 'Licence to establish wireless telegraphy station for experiments in wireless telegraphy'.

John Laurence Horton (1915-1997), British analytical chemist and radio ham [Wireless Telegraphy Acts, 1904-1926; Post Office Telegrams; Postmaster General; General Post Office]
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All 1939.

All five items in good condition, with a little rust spotting from a staple. A little wear to the edge of item two, not affecting text. Four of the five stamped with Horton's call sign '2AHN'. Item One: a printed leaflet (4to, 2 pp), dated GENERAL POST OFFICE, | London | March, 1939.', headed 'B | EXPERIMENTS IN WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY | [...] | AUTHORITY FOR SENDING AND RECEIVING | SUMMARY OF CONDITIONS OF ISSUE | NOTE. - All sending stations must also be equipped for reception'. Item Two: Typewritten copy of Horton's 'Application for Experimental Licence 25th.

The pillar of the cloud: "lead, kindly light": Cardinal Newman, 1833. A translation into Latin elegiacs.

Richard Horton Smith [Cardinal John Henry Newman]
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A reprint from 'Notes and Queries,' ninth series, vol. x. p. 425.; November 1902.

Horton Smith is described on the title as 'K.C., M.A., late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge'. Attractively printed 12mo bifoliate on good quality paper, but with the blank verso of the second leaf still adhering to piece of the paper on which it was mounted. Newman's poem of 1833 and Smith's translation of 1902 facing.

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