[ Frederic George Kitton, critic and artist. ] Autograph Card Signed ('F. G. Kitton') to editor of New York 'Book Buyer', giving details of article 'satirising the Bacon-Shakespeare theory', 'proving' that Gladstone wrote the novels of Dickens.

F. G. Kitton [Frederic George Kitton] (1856-1904), English artist and writer, an authority on Charles Dickens, Shakespeare and Francis Bacon
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St Albans, England. 20 March 1899.

1p., on 11 x 9 cm card. Addressed on reverse 'To the Editor of The Book Buyer | c/o Messrs. C. Scribner's Sons | New York City | U.S.A.' With two postmarks. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, and postage stamp removed. Since posting a letter on the previous day, he has 'discovered another article satirising the Bacon-Shakespeare theory', as with the one 'in Macmillan', anonymous. It is titled 'Who wrote Dickens's Novels?', and appeared in the Cornhill Magazine, August 1888. 'The author humorously endeavours to prove that Gladstone wrote them!!'

[F. G. Kitton, Dickensian.] Autograph Letter Signed and Autograph Card Signed (both 'F. G. Kitton') to Winfield S. Moody, editor of The Book Buyer, discussing the claim that Dickens's works were written by Herbert Spencer', and a query on Thackeray.

F. G. Kitton [Frederic George Kitton] (1856-1904), illustrator, writer and authority on Charles Dickens [Winfield S. Moody (1816-1894), editor of The Book Buyer; Dickensiana]
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Both items from Pré Mill House, St Albans, England. 19 and 27 March 1999.

LETTER: 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on aged and worn paper. Kitton writes that he has received two copies of the Book Buyer for March, and is 'much interested' in it for two reasons: 'Mrs. Garlands flattering comments upon myself and my work', and 'a very generous notice of my latest Dickens production'. He finds illustrations 'excellently reproduced', and praises 'the careful attention that has obviously been bestowed upon the preparation of both blocks and letterpress'. Turning to another matter, he notes 'a query (no.

[Sir Charles Holroyd, English engraver, first Keeper of the Tate Gallery.] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mr Kitton' [the author Frederic George Kitton], accepting the congratulations of the Hertfordshire Arts Society on his knighthood.

Sir Charles Holroyd (1861-1917), English engraver, first Keeper of the Tate Gallery, and Director of the National Gallery [Frederic Geoge Kitton (1856-1904), author; Hertfordshire Arts Society]
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On letterhead of the National Gallery, London. 11 November 1913.

1p., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. 'Allow me to thank you and through you the members of the Hertfordshire Arts Society for your kind congratulations upon the honour the King confers upon me and upon the Gallery in the work of which I am privileged to assist'.

Autograph Letter Signed to T[homas]. F[rederick]. Dillon Croker.

Frederic George Kitton
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6 May 1903; on letterhead 'PRÉ MILL HOUSE, | ST. ALBANS, | HERTS.'

Noted Dickens scholar (1856-1904). Croker was the son of the Irish antiquary Thomas Crofton Croker. Two pages, 12mo. Good, but with a few stains. 'I am sorry to learn that the Dickens items which you so kindly lent to the Exhibition have not yet been returned to you, and am making enquiries at once. | [...] some of my memoranda went astray when they were removed from one room to another at the Memorial Hall during my absence, and the paper containing your address could not be discovered. | I have reason to believe that good things are in the safe custody of Mr. Miller (Hon. Sec.

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