[ Louis-Philippe Mouchy, French sculptor. ] Part of request to 'Concitoyens Commissaires', signed 'Mouchy Sculpteur de l'academie de peinture de la Commission des monuments', regarding works of art in the 'Cy devant Seminaire de St. Louis' in Paris.

Louis-Philippe Mouchy (1734-1801), French sculptor [ La Commission des Monuments, Paris; French Revolution ]
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25 January 1793.

1p., 8vo. In good condition. The ancient Seminary of St Peter and St Lewis in Paris (now demolished) was being used as barracks at the time Mouchy was writing, having been suppressed the year before. The page begins: 'Au Cy devant Seminaire de St. Louis rue d'Enfer dans L'Eglise sont a distraire de la vente primo tous ce qui Compose le maitre autel en marbre bleux et blanc, et le grand Tableaux [sic] representant St. Pierre guerissant un paralitique, [sic] et autres Secondo les chapelles de cote aussy [sic] de même Couleur avec leurs tableaux bordures dorés, dont l'un est un St.

Four Autograph Letters Signed "de Guiche" to General Sir Robert Gardiner, sometime Equerry to Leopold, later King of the Belgians.

Duc de Guiche
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Edinburgh and Chillingham, 10 May - 18 Sept.1832.

De Guiche was a supporter of a union between France and England. Gardiner was also Governor and commander-in-chief at Gibraltar from 1848 to 1855 (DNB). Nineteen pages, 4to, fold marks, one letter with cut where the seal was, good condition. The Court of Charles X in Exile. (10 May) response to the contents of his letter by the "inmates of Holyrood [Charles X and his Court in exile]. . .

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