['Edna Lyall', pseudonym of Ada Ellen Bayly, popular novelist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ada Ellen Bayly. | “Edna Lyall.”') to 'Miss McKeown' of 'Lunare [Lurganare, County Down, Ireland?]', giving instructions for the weaving of wool for a frieze.

'Edna Lyall', pseudonym of Ada Ellen Bayly (1857-1903), popular novelist dealing with radical issues
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On letterhead of 6 College Road, Eastbourne; 22 October 1894.

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition. Folded once. Signed with both her real name and her pseudonym: 'Ada Ellen Bayly. | “Edna Lyall.”' An interesting letter, revealing the practicalities of the Irish wool trade. Begins: 'Dear Miss McKeown, | When I was staying last month in Lunare [for 'Lurganare'?] I ordered some wool to be spun, for some frieze. I think you said the blacksmith's wife would do it, & I am afraid she may have been a little disappointed that we did not call as there had been some talk of one doing.

[Privately printed volume by Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall, inscribed by him to Sir Henry Mortimer Durand'.] 'Private Copy' of 'Verses Written in India' by 'A. C. L.'

'A. C. L.' [i.e. Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall] [Sir Henry Mortimer Durand (1850-1924)]
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Without date or place. [London, 1882?]

[4] + 71pp., 8vo. In binding with green cloth spine and green paper boards, with 'Verses Written in India' printed on the front. In god condition, lightly aged and in aged and worn binding. 24 poems, with titles including 'The Old Pindaree', 'The Amir's Soliloquy', 'A Rajput Chief of the Old School' and 'Meditations of a Hindu Prince'. 'Verses Written in India' went through six editions, the second to the sixth published between 1890 (K.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Ada Ellen Bayly / "Edna Lyall."') by the novelist Edna Lyall (real name Ada Ellen Bayly), on the part played by illustrations in novels.

'Edna Lyall', pseudonym of the novelist Ada Ellen Bayly (1857-1903)
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On letterhead of 6 College Road, Eastbourne. 11 January 1893.

2pp., 12mo. Fifteen lines. On bifolium. Fair, on lightly-aged paper. The male recipient is not named. She apologies that 'the crowd of Christmas engagements' has meant that his letter has gone unanswered until now. 'With regard to the question you ask, my feeling is that where an artist and an author can contrive to work well together illustrations are a decided improvement to novels. But it is most trying to an author to see his characters presented to the public in a way utterly unlike his own conception of them.' In her view it is 'clear gain' if a book can be 'well illustrated'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('A. C Lyall') to Lane-Poole.

Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall (1835-1911), Indian civil servant, poet and historian [Stanley Lane-Poole (1854-1931), British orientalist and archaeologist,]
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Undated; Flitwick, Swift Hill (on cancelled letterhead of 16 Queen's Gate, London S.W.

12mo, 1 p. Nine lines. Text clear and complete. Fair, on aged paper, with a neat cut (not affecting text) neatly repaired on reverse. The Registrar at the India Office has informed Lyall that Lane-Poole's name is 'on the list of those to whom the India Archaeological Reports are sent'.

Autograph Signature on fragment of letter.

Edna Lyall (Ada Ellen Bayly)
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Without date or place.

English novelist (1857-1903). Paper dimensions roughly four and a quarter inches by two and a quarter inches. Very good, but grubby and with a few light glue stains. From autograph album and mounted on larger piece of light blue paper. Reads '[...] | it will save confidencce. | In gt. haste | Yrs. truly | A. E. Bayly.' Docketed '(Edna Lyall)' in pencil beneath signature.

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