[ Philip Snowden, as sitting Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer, explains his conception of Socialism to 'undeserving sinner' Sir Courtenay Mansel. ] Typed Letter Signed ('Snowden') from Snowden to Mansel, describing his conception of Socialism.

Philip Snowden, 1st Viscount Snowden (1864-1937), first Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer (1924 and 1929-1931) [ Sir Courtenay Cecil Mansel (1880-1933), Welsh politician ]
Publication details: 
72 Carlisle Mansions, S.W.1. [ London ], on letterhead of 11 Downing Street. 4 December 1931.

3pp., 8vo. In good condition, lightly-aged and spotted. A significant letter, in which Snowden, as the sitting Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer, gives a detailed explanation of his conception of Socialism, and his views on state ownership versus private enterprise. He begins by explaining that the delay in replying is due to 'the busy and anxious time I have had lately'.

[ John Carter's copy, with his ownership signature. ] The Early Printed Editions of the Greek Testament by Cuthbert Hamilton Turner, M.A.

[ John Carter [ John Waynflete Carter ] (1905-1975), English author, diplomat and bibliophile ] Cuthbert Hamilton Turner
Publication details: 
Oxford, at the Clarendon Press. 1924. [ Printed in England at the Oxford University Press. ]

28pp., 8vo. Stitched into grey printed wraps. Aged and worn, with the firm ownership signature 'John Carter' in ink in the top-left corner of the front cover. A few passages are highlighted in pencil. Now scarce.

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